What Does Your PR Website Say About Your Business?

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Did you know that your website can talk?

Well, maybe not literally. . . but your PR website (or blog) is definitely saying something about your business.

The truth is that your website is saying one of two things. It’s either saying “expert PR professional,” or it’s saying “beginning PR hack.”

You see, many of your clients and potential clients will judge your business competence based on what they see on your website. Regardless of whether it is true, they will assume that your website represents your best work.

Take a good look at your PR blog or website – f rom a customer’s perspective.

Here are some specific things to look for:

  • Appearance – Does your PR website have a crisp, professional appearance? Or, does your website look thrown together and amateurish? If you need help with your website’s design, hire a professional.
  • Writing – Is the writing on your website user-friendly? Are your posts and articles scannable so that someone who just browsed in could grasp the content quickly?
  • Professional Portfolio – Are samples of your latest projects included in your online portfolio? Does your portfolio represent your very best work? If not, take time to update your portfolio now.
  • About Page – Like your professional portfolio, your about page information should be up-to-date. Make sure that this page focuses on your area of expertise. Ask yourself, “what makes me a PR expert?”
  • Contact Information – Your PR blog should always contain at least one way for clients to contact you. (This may seem basic, but a surprising number of “business” blogs leave it out.)

So, what is your PR website saying about your business?

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