Practical Advice for Winning Marketing Strategies

The last year has been a difficult time for everyone around the world, and there still isn’t a set timeframe outlining when things will go back to normal. Fortunately there is still some good news in sight.  That news is that companies with actionable marketing plans that have clearly defined goals are going to be a lot more successful in the coming months compared to those that don’t.

Plenty of companies have learned in the past 12 months that eliminating marketing campaigns during a global crisis means their cost of marketing efforts will increase when resumed. Not utilizing marketing during a crisis also means that those brands are  going to have a decreased level of trust among and credibility with its consumers.

When creating marketing strategies for the coming months, it’s also essential to review all the previous efforts and figure out what worked and what didn’t. For plenty of businesses, the importance of marketing efforts has increased since the pandemic. That means those companies should maintain their communications efforts with the target audience so as to keep them engaged.

The past year was disruptive and unexpected for many, and the challenge for the future is being able to keep up with a marketing landscape that’s still shifting as well as with consumer buying habits.

Short-Term Plans

Businesses that are looking to get the highest possible Return On Investment (ROI) should focus their marketing efforts on a small number of key areas where they can grow. That means creating a brand new marketing plan or updating the already existing one with strategies that will work for the rest of the year. This also means that all marketing efforts should be frequently reviewed – either monthly or weekly, along with the usual checkpoints to evaluate each metric.

Paying close attention to a company’s marketing priorities as well as knowing which marketing efforts are the most important, and which ones aren’t, means saving both time and money in the long run. This strategy is also helpful for businesses that need to make any cuts to their marketing decisions.

Audience Segmentation

With digital marketing constantly evolving, consumers still have to receive the type of ads and content that fit exactly what they’re looking for.  Now that means utilizing artificial intelligence and ad personalization strategies. That way companies will be able to create specialized marketing efforts and understand user intent a lot better.

Between automation tools, voice search, video ads, and even alternative marketing platforms such as LinkedIn or Amazon, marketing efforts can be more customized than ever before. Additionally, search intent optimization means further segmenting the target audience to provide each group with answers that they really need. 

Finally, none of these strategies can really work without continuously reviewing and updating each of them at a rate more frequently than before. The best way to target potential consumers is to ensure that a company’s voice is unified across all platforms and that everyone in each audience segment gets what they need.

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