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DME Studios just announced the launch of Present4 – a so-called “dynamic multimedia platform.” There’s only one problem: Present4 is not a platform – like Wistia, for example.

Present4 is not something you can use without employing DME Studios to produce the presentation for you, so Present4 is not a platform (or framework) – as it is so misleadingly introduced in the press release. Present4 is nothing but video content that can be embedded on a variety of platforms. There is no “innovation” per se – just an interesting approach to video presentations, and a service offered to paying customers by DME Studios. You can employ any other marketing company specializing in video production to create the same type of presentations at any time.

The purpose of employing DME Studios, or any similar company, to create a Present4-type of video for your company, is, as DME Studios put it, “to deliver your brand and your value proposition clearly and concisely through a digital media presentation consisting of 3D animations, motion graphics, concise voice over and a unique flow.” There are a few samples on the official Present4 site, all looking pretty much like the following:

The turnaround for getting such a presentation scripted, produced and deployed by DME Studios is 10 business days. Then, among other possible uses, the presentations can be embedded on a microsite designed by DME Studios, that may or may not include a “virtual business card.” The screenshot below is self-explanatory:

 Halifax Health Hospice of Volusia County

Hospice Caregivers microsite-cum-virtual business card, commissioned by Halifax Health Hospice of Volusia County.

Present4 presentations are optimized for smartphones, social media, websites, DVD’s, presentations, in-store displays and other platforms where you need to showcase video content. The Present4 productions are available as a YouTube link, a playable DVD, an FLV file, and in Quicktime formats.

Each presentation is priced individually, depending on total running time, complexity of animations, creative concept, type of voice-over talent employed, and so on. Since Present4 is not a platform, companies that could produce similar presentations for you on demand include: How it Works Media; Say It Visually, Explania, Vakuk Films, Instruxion, Lilipip!, The Cuillin Collective,Demo Duck, Switch Video, and many others.


  1. Present4 says

    Hi Mihaela – It is apparent that you have misunderstood the Present4 System….. The integrated approach is based on fundamentals, but utilizes a proprietary software program that we have developed. You are correct, any post house could develop a 2 minute video presentation, but it is the incorporation of the Present4 PROGRAM in its entirety, that is actually quite innovative.

    The Hospice Caregiver campaign that you referenced above is NOT in fact Present4, but is a very good example of additional integrated marketing solutions from DME Studios’ website

    We would be happy to walk you through the Present4 platform that we have developed, but perhaps watching the Present4 overview you embedded above would provide some clarity. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any additional questions or concerns.

    • Mihaela Butler says

      Present4 – your presentation does not, in fact, provide clarity on a “platform” so my answer is yes, I would LOVE to see the platform behind the presentations you have developed. If I am confused, and “misunderstand,” imagine how many potential customers you lose.

      If the Hospice Caregiver is not Present4 – it looks confusingly similar with what you describe as the features of Present4.

      I have tested hundreds of platforms in my career – this is one of my specialties. Your product/service cannot be described as a platform because you give no direct access to it. I don’t see a login, or a sign up… Which means that your customers pay and that you produce.

      If the customers could produce, or conduct campaigns without your involvement, that would be a platform.

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