Prince Edward Island Issues RFP For Tourism Marketing

Prince Edward Island Issues RFP For Tourism Marketing

This RFP seeks to find the proponent best qualified to develop an overarching on-Island tourism marketing campaign. The campaign will entice Islanders to discover and take advantage of all the wonderful activities there are to see and do in our province, as opposed to leaving the Island for vacation.


Brand Positioning:

Prince Edward Island is small in size but incredibly abundant in stunning sceneries, outdoor activities, culinary delights, cultural product, friendly people and authentic experiences. Its size is one of this Island’s greatest assets – you are never far away from your next adventure! We are The Mighty Island.

Brand Personality:

  • Authentic people and experiences
  • A place of rejuvenation
  • Charming towns, villages and small cities

Brand Properties:

  • Red soil and cliffs
  • Beaches that are unique in colour and composition
  • Rolling hills and bucolic landscape gently leading to the sea
  • PEI is Canada’s only Island province

Unique Selling Point – On Island Campaign:

Our Islandness and our intrinsic desire to want to support each others’ small businesses on PEI. There are very few places that can compete with the Prince Edward Island experience and quality of life. Why leave? We have world class theatre, golf and culinary experiences and so much more that can be enjoyed right at home. Get out and discover your Prince Edward Island.

DEMAND GENERATORS – Product Verticals:

  • Coastal – beaches, natural splendor, rolling hills with ocean views
  • Culinary – Canada’s Food Island
  • Golf
  • Culture – music, arts, theatre
  • Soft adventure – biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, etc.


Come Find Your Island

One amazing Island, Endless Possibilities

Scope of Work:

The incumbent will develop and implement an over arching marketing campaign primarily targeted to Islanders, while recognizing that visitors may also be exposed to components of the campaign. The on-Island campaign needs to work well with the current TPEI campaign running in domestic and international markets, along with making good use of the information available from various Regional Tourism Associations, Destination Management Organizations, TPEI website, Visitor Information Centres and other cultural and festival and event marketing organizations.

The following outlines basic creative and production needs for this project:

  • Campaign concept development: creative concept(s) presented to TPEI. This can include overarching creative plus event-specific creative components.
  • Proposed blocking chart/media buy outline. This can include, but is not limited to, online (including social media buys), print, radio, television, OOH, PR activation, creative ideas including newspaper column, blogs, vlogs, social influencers, etc.
  • Creative design, copy and all production required for delivering various approved components in the campaign plan if required.
  • Coordination and execution of any articles, blogs, vlogs, influencers or any other non-traditional components of campaign.
  • Building relationship with various stakeholders who can play a role in feeding into the campaign and reaching out to their own databases. Strategic Partnerships are welcomed and encouraged.
  • Management and full implementation of every aspect of the campaign
  • Provide final report summarizing the campaign and outlining the measures of success.

Due Date:

June 8th


95 Rochford Street

2nd Floor South, Shaw Building,

PO Box 2000, Charlottetown, PE, C1A 7N8

Agencies with tourism and travel PR experience includes Finn Partners and M Booth PR.

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