Prince Harry: A Racist Royal PR Blunder

Prince Harry Racist

Yesterday, a British newspaper published video of Prince Harry using racist language toward a Pakistani comrade in arms. The prince, third in line to the throne, was captured on video referring to an Army colleague “our little Paki friend”, which is an extremely derogatory term for those of Pakistani heritage.

Ahmed Raza Khan, now a decorated Captain in Pakistan’s Army, was the target of Prince Harry’s remark. It is ironic that Captain Khan, was previously decorated by Harry’s Grandmother the Queen.

Prince HarryThis PR nightmare for the royal family does not end there. The Prince also referred to another Army cadet as a “rag head” in a second video. Evidently the film was made during a 2006 training mission on Cyprus. Of course, the customary reverberations resound, and spokesmen for Prince Harry apologized and/or rationalized the Goofs.

The uncle of Captain Khan, Iftikhar Raja made perhaps the most relevant observation when he told the BBC; “We expect better from our Royal Family on whom we spend millions and millions of pounds for training and schooling.” Exactly! The royals receive what should be the very best training (PR And otherwise) to avoid just such blunders.

One would think that those at the top of the food chain would have better sense than to be caught on tape uttering such remarks. So, for today’s “Goof” there can be no better example than a world figure sticking his foot in his mouth in front of the whole world. Shame on you Harry!

The BBC reports widespread condemnation from various sources. Many are evidently calling for Prince Harry’s removal as a possible heir as head of state due to this and other royal goofs on his part. Personally, I could not help but note that Harry made these remarks while still a cadet at The Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, one of the most prestigious military institutions in the world. it would appear that the royals are not held to the same standards as past Sandhurst cadets like; Winston Churchill, Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery and many others.

The last time Harry made a “goof”, he was caught wearing a swastika arm band, which enraged the Jewish community.

One has to wonder who the seemingly impudent Prince will insult next? More importantly, what if someone with so little self control, or simply bad PR skills were to become leader of Britain? Oh, Charles might seem like a real prince comparatively. I bet the Queen mother had to have a rub down and a toddy after this one.

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