Promundo Issues Website Redesign RFP

Promundo Issues Website Redesign RFP
Promundo Issues Website Redesign RFP

Promundo-US – a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC – seeks proposals from web development agencies to redesign and redevelop the Promundo Global Consortium’s website(s) ( / and associated CMS. This process will include an in-depth discovery phase to align the messaging of the Promundo Global Consortium1 with its priority audiences, and to determine the most intuitive and compelling way: 1) to tell its story and; 2) for users to navigate its content. Promundo-US is targeting the re-launch for June 2020 or earlier.


Promundo works to promote gender equality and prevent violence by engaging men and boys in partnership with women and girls. Our programs, campaigns, and advocacy efforts across the themes below are based in rigorous research, including the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES), and are designed to improve the lives of people around the world.

Scope of Work:

Project Scope and Process

The scope of the redesign/redevelopment project includes:

                • Redesign within current branding

                • In-depth site planning and discovery process

                • Editing and creative content support for main pages of the website

                • Selection, development, and customization of CMS

                • Implementation of design into CMS for comprehensive Promundo Global

Consortium website in English, creating complementary, and flexible CMS structures to be managed by strategic partners in Brazil, DRC, Portugal, and Chile in multiple languages: Portuguese, French, and/or Spanish.

                • Import of archived content (across English and Portuguese websites respectively) from current CMS

                • Delivery of site to new hosting provider

                • QA of new site, including a beta testing period and a means by which (internal/beta) users can report on glitches, and user experience.

                • Training and documentation on the management of new CMS The process we roughly expect is as follows:

                • Discovery/Planning

Guide us through a process to identify the strategy for the new website. Confirm goals, audiences, objectives, graphic look and feel, navigation, site marketing, technology issues and assumptions, required functionality, phasing, and budgetary constraints, resulting in a creative brief. Think deeply and propose the user experience that will engage our audience and help us achieve our goals. We expect the chosen vendor to conduct interviews with staff members, as well as key stakeholders, and those who do not already know Promundo’s work, to gain a deeper understanding of these issues.

• Site Definition/Design

Propose website information architecture, graphic look and feel, user navigation, home page, and main navigation templates for each of the main navigation links. This should be based upon the goals identified in the Discovery/Planning phase. The chosen vendor must provide at least three home page design mock-ups for consideration by Promundo-US.

• Development

The website developed by the successful candidate must meet the guidelines described in Project Purpose, Objectives & Criteria (#5, #6). The point of contact from Promundo-US will be made available to provide information and coordinate with Promundo-US staff, including a reasonable number of meetings (via conference call or in person) to present design and development solutions.

• Testing

Proposals should outline a plan for testing the site on all applicable platforms during development to ensure it works as promised, including a means by which (internal/beta) users can report on glitches and give feedback on the user experience, etc.

• Training and Documentation

The chosen vendor will be asked to provide training for two to four Promundo-US staff members on use and maintenance of the CMS system and any necessary APIs. Provide succinct documentation about the website as developed, including a summary of key configurations, and summaries of any custom code, plug-ins, or modules created for this project.

• Delivery

Delivery and uploading of site to the host server. Provide support for any problems that might emerge after launch. Candidates will be chosen in large part based on their description of how this process will be managed, and their proven ability to successfully complete stages within expected timeframes and budgets.

Current Website

The existing website represents the work of the full Promundo Global Consortium3 in two languages, across two domains: English ( and Portuguese ( The English-language website is managed by Promundo-US (Washington, DC, US), the issuer of this RFP. The Portuguese-language website is managed by Instituto Promundo (Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, Brazil). The current websites ( / are built on Wordpress and hosted on Cloudflare. As the site has grown to over 30+ pages, with a large library of 250+ linked PDF resources and 450+ blog posts, the architecture and navigation have become increasingly complicated and difficult for the user to navigate.

The last redesign/redevelopment of Promundo’s website occurred more than four years ago; while it does reflect Promundo’s international presence and structure, the Global Consortium has grown and shifted considerably over this time period, as has the size and scope of Promundo’s portfolio, its reach and impact, and its multiple audiences. 3 Promundo is a Global Consortium, which includes the non-profit organizations Promundo-US (Washington, DC), Instituto Promundo (Brazil), Living Peace Institute (Democratic Republic of the Congo), CESUC/ Promundo-Portugal (Portugal), and CulturaSalud (Chile) (forthcoming)

The design of the current website is inadequate for Promundo’s current audience, communications and fundraising goals (e.g. facilitating a stronger relationship with our audiences and assisting in building an individual-giving donor base). It is also missing a user experience that allows a new visitor to gain a comprehensive and easily navigable understanding of the size, scope, and focus of Promundo’s research, programs, and advocacy initiatives.

9. Support

Promundo-US would ideally like to develop a long-term relationship with the selected agency for:

                • Ongoing support, such as hosting support and software updates.

                • New website upgrades and projects.

                • Training of new staff.

                • Monthly review of website analytics and goals.

                • New feature development.

10. Budget

Budgets should reflect pricing that indicates costs for each stage outlined above, or the comparable process/stage that the vendor works with. Lump-sum budgets will not be considered.

Promundo’s available budget for the entire process is approximately $120,000 USD.

Due Date:

October 4, 2019


Lona Manik

Digital Engagement & Content Assistant

Edelman PR and Zeno Group have relevant experience.

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