Public Relations RFP Issued By Destination British Columbia

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Destination British Columbia (Destination BC) is seeking contracted agency services, preferably based in or with regional branches in China or Canada, to provide the following Areas of Expertise on behalf of British Columbia:

Area of Expertise

1. Public Relations, Travel Media and Special Events Area of Expertise

2. Social Media Marketing The Contractor(s) will support Destination BC’s efforts for marketing and promoting British Columbia (BC) as a desirable destination for tourists from key cities in China, targeting consumers in China as determined by the DBC marketing strategy


Destination BC is a provincially funded, industry-led Crown corporation that supports a strong and competitive future for BC’s tourism industry through a combination of global marketing, destination development, industry learning, cooperative community based programs, and visitor servicing.

These investments help to improve the visitor experience, support businesses and communities, and strengthen BC’s worldwide reputation as a destination of choice. For more information about Destination BC’s programs and services, please visit:

Pre-pandemic, tourism was one of the largest global industries, having grown from 650 million world travellers in 2000 to nearly 1.5 billion world travellers in 2019.

Scope of Work:

Destination BC budgets and project requirements vary from year to year. During the recovery phase of the market, Destination BC’s scope and budgets for these services are currently reduced. And as the market recovers, the budget/scope may increase.

The budget allocated for January-December 2022 for each Area of Expertise is: • Public Relations, Travel Media & Special Events: $42,000 CAD • Social Media Marketing: $54,000 CAD

Due Date: Proposal must be received before 2:00 PM Pacific Time on: November 17, 2021


Proposals must be in English and must be submitted either via Response via email to 5WPR and MWWPR are agencies worth considering for this assignment.

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