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2015-12-02 by Jason Tannahill

PR for Kids Toys

In the bustle of professional life, and the competitive lens PR Professionals constantly hold themselves under, it’s easy to forget fellow adults are not the only audience interested in new, innovative products. What follows are a few successful PR firms who are experts at PR for kids products – which includes marketing to their parents:


KidStuff is a PR agency specializing in games, toys, juvenile gear and services for families’ needs. They have been recognized by Parents, Babytalk, CNN, and other major media outlets covering children’s toys. Around for 21 years, KidStuff PR assists small and medium specialty toy manufacturers, and retailers grow to achieve their business dreams. Some major clients include the likes of Mattel, Fisher Price, and Hasbro. KidStuff PR’s clients gain so much media attention the agency consistently makes headlines.

Recently, Kidstuff PR announced a new sub-department called TechStuff PR. Unlike Kidstuff, which focuses on traditional toys, games and gear for families, TechStuff PR focused on promoting technology and tech-enhanced products intended to appeal to kids, young adults and families. Of the sub-department, Kidstuff PR President, and founder Lisa Orman said, “[t]here’s a great proliferation in the marketplace of exciting tech products for families, and our agency is perfectly positioned to help these companies gain consumer awareness among our target audiences.”

TechStuff PR

TechStuff was conceived following KidStuff PR’s success in working with the tech start-up Evollve, Inc., in October 2014 to promote Ozobot, the smallest programmable robot. To the start-up’s surprise, KidStuff PR landed massive media placements, including the most important tech outlets, like TechCrunch, Mashable, Gizmodo and CNET in under three months. KidStuff not only increased its product diversity but created new PR specialties in technological production gaining traction in the market.

CoynePR everything-pr

Coyne PR’s “toy & juvenile team” is a group of PR professionals using passion, creativity and experience to achieve the greatest impact for clients’ businesses. They work tirelessly to understand what kids want, how parents and trade media interact, and synchronize the two creating and maintaining an in-the-know standard to the business. Coyne PR works through product launches, brand-building campaigns, trade show support, social media marketing, celebrity endorsement programs, influencer programs, and media relations for some of the industry’s most successful children’s brands.

5WPR 5W Public Relations

5WPR lists as one of the top twenty independently owned PR firms in the country and has long had a leading stand-alone group focused on parents and kids.  Surpassing previous standards 5WPR plans to implement a new integrated public relations strategy increasing clients’ brand recognition to unforeseen levels. 5W Public Relations is an award-winning, full-service firm providing innovative programs directly engaging the target businesses, individuals, and ideas.

5W for short, they offer cutting-edge, customized media programs designed to reach clients’ business goals and objectives. Using an energetic, face-paced, and focused work culture earned them their place on INC.’s 500 and the title “fastest-growing agency” for three consecutive years.

The firm’s innovative integration showed brightly when 5W was hired to increase brand awareness positioning PlumOrganics as the #1 baby food line in the country. 5W used aggressive media coverage and branded the launch of PlumOrganics’ new products with expert spokespersons.

Additionally, 5W made heavy citation of the brand’s origin, branding the President and Founder of PlumOrganics, Gigi Lee Chang, as an expert in the mommy market to keep the company associated in the market and mothers’ minds. At the same time, 5W peaked interest with endorsements from celebrity moms such as Angela Kinsey and Tiffani Thiessan.

5W was named agency of record for the BPA-free baby product brand BornFree. Since then, the PR firm managed publicity and branding in and throughout the launch of new products to promote specialized doctors with ties to BornFree.

Tellem Grody PR

Tellem Grody PR (TGPR) is a media marketing agency founded in LA in 1994. Every client is served directly by one of the senior partners – Susan Tellem, John Tellem, or Dan Grody. TGPR uses a deep well of resources of over half a million media outlets to build campaigns for clients. This includes social media, marketing with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and much more. Their writing is always cutting-edge, and capable of garnering interest from diverse audiences.

Tellem Grody PR managed work for tens of thousands of successful client placements on local, regional, and national television and radio talk shows and news programs, not to mention features and briefs in periodicals, and newspapers.

3rd Coast Public Relations

3rd Coast Public Relations (3CPR), a PR agency located in Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan boasts a long history of successful consumer product launches, including Thermos.

3CPR’s success with kids and family brands is best embodied in its nine-year-long partnership with Thermos beginning in 2004 popularizing and branding their 100-year anniversary. This included reminding consumers of their beloved Thermos lunch box memories, but also showed consumers how practical and relevant Thermos continues for today’s families. 3CPR negotiated with the Smithsonian National Museum of American History to create an exhibit dubbed “Taking America to Lunch,” focusing on Thermos’ early involvement in building the category. With 3CPR, clients know they work with an agency capable of turning PR into American history. That’s worthy of recognition.

These are some of the strong PR firms for kids products for parents and children that we would highly recommend.

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