5 Recession Proof Jobs for the Next Decade


If you want to be recession proof, here are the jobs you should be training for.

Given the dire prospect of our country’s current economic financial condition, many Americans are now looking to create a more stable future for their families. But with the unemployment rate at an all-time high and a number of businesses making massive lay-offs left and right, many are unsure about which direction to take.

Thankfully, there are still a couple of jobs that are deemed to be recession proof and will continue to become more in demand with the coming years. Moreover, these jobs will allow you to take home a bigger paycheck and will help you survive financial setbacks that may take place in the future.

With the dawn of the information age comes an increase in the need for individuals who are specifically trained at analyzing and managing all kinds of data and can allow businesses to harness this information and convert them into opportunities to expand and grow.

Market Research Analysts

According to recent studies, by the year 2018, the demand for market research analysts will jump to about 70,000 and each are likely to enjoy a $ 60,000 annual median income. Market analysts are those who help companies gain significant insight as to the behavior and psyche of their target market to help businesses effectively market their services or products.

Management Analysts

With the current economic scenario, companies are looking for analysts who are adept at maneuvering through the rough and tough patches of running a business; from operations to inventory concerns and everything else in between. Being a management analyst in this day and age will soon pay off as the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that demand for this job will increase by 24% in the next decade and skilled analysts are expected to rake in roughly $ 80,000 in yearly income.

Those jobs in the health and financial sector are also expected to grow more popular in the near future as the nation’s baby boomers advance towards retirement age. As such, they will be looking at investment opportunities as well as health care options to look after their ailing bodies.

Financial Advisor

Being savvy with handling finances also has its perks, and by honing your skills to work full time as a financial advisor, you are assured of a steady job ahead. A financial advisor is someone who gives invaluable service in assisting individuals with choosing investment opportunities and insurance policies.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics also adds that with millions of baby boomers expected to leave the work force over the next decade, the demand for financial analysts are expected to increase by 30%.

Medical Doctors

Within the next five years, the demand for medical professionals will rapidly grow as our population will continue to age and require adequate health care. Moreover, a significant number of our current physicians and surgeons are likewise expected to hand over their stethoscopes and scalpels as they themselves grow older, and millions more will be needed to fill up this void. While becoming a licensed medical doctor is not easy, the eventual pay off you will get from this job will make it all worth it.


The fact is that today the US is home to tens of thousands of foreign nurses who are answering the growing demand for this profession. In fact, the BLS notes that this trend is expected to continue within the next ten years as the government places an increased emphasis on sound health care practices.

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