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Regan Communications PR Firm

Regan Communications Group has been in business since 1983 or 1984, depending where you read on the site. Founded by George K. Regan Jr., the company was ranked 10th in earnings by O’Dwyer’s in fees for 2007. With over $21 million in earnings, and a reputation to go with it, once again we expect a cutting edge web presence, and again we have been disappointed. What appears online for Regan is not even as well done as our first blogs. Is big time PR blind?

A recent article on Associated Content pretty much sums up what any PR firm’s stance should be with regard to online presence. Outside this crucial information, firms like Regan Communications Group have a rude awakening at some point.

“Also, when your company has a scandal or emergency PR situation, the bloggers and citizen journalists will be merciless and allow you no time to prepare your best version of the events. In terms of well known companies and political scandals, the longer you wait, the more it snowballs. “No comment” is no longer an acceptable answer.”

If we had not already given out the PR Goofy Award of the Month to Dan Klores’ firm, this site would take top honors. The site is appears to have been designed and launched in 2005 according to the Copyright, but the look and experience of it are pure Web 1.0. It is totally devoid of any external link to their clients, graphics, video, blog, images of corporate leaders, mention of digital or technology strategy, or any real strategy for that matter. However, it appears at least whoever did the site text was aware of the need for online presence.

“In the new world of instant communications, organizations need to know that no public relations opportunities are going unexplored. Knowledge, speed and execution are vital.”

This is almost sad. A great PR company in rags.

This is almost sad. A great PR company in rags.

regan2To be honest, this pitiful example of modern corporate PR is not worth the mention, but I do so out of completeness in evaluating these sites. I should think the one screenshot and a short visit (all that will be needed) to the site will tell the tale.

Their site’s design company perhaps reveals one reason Regan’s is not more up to date, as theirs is not indicative of anyone who knows how to build a site either.

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