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2015-11-04 by Jason Tannahill

Art of Public Relations

The art of public relations has been an essential component of marketing and developing brand images for over a century. Whether maintaining a pristine image or fixing a damaged reputation, PR companies shape the way people see many of their favorite brands and personalities.

Subsequently, it comes as no surprise PR companies often see the benefit in re-branding not just their clients, but themselves – and one of the firms on our list has a bad rap – changing the name wont make it change.

Dukas PR

Dukas PR Changes its Name

Dukas PR recently changed its name to Dukas Linden Public Relations as part of an ongoing expansion. The name change alludes to the increasing involvement of Seth Linden, with the management and growth of the company over the past decade. Richard Dukas continues as the CEO and Chairman while Linden retains the title of President.

Linden first joined the company in 2006, and Dukas commends him as an integral component in the company’s success. He praises Linden’s exceptional leadership abilities and expertise as the reason behind the firms growth. The firm grows, despite our continued feeling that Dukas remains a subpar Public Relations Firm.

We don’t recommend this PR firm to our readers.

ICR everything-pr

ICR Gets a Facelift

ICR’s management team gave their company a facelift. The firm recreated its visual identity to better illustrate their new, business-like approach. This included revamping their website, and creating a brand new logo and tagline. The firm launched a new subsidiary focusing on providing a well-developed package of advisory services for clients in the finance industry.

Many believe the more corporate face the company builds creates a more serious appearance. However, CEO, Tom Ryan, contends they aim to build a strong, emotional bond between the company and its clients.

ICR’s strategies worked well in the past. In fact, the firm showed a 19.3% increase in revenue between 2013 and 2014 and continues to do well.

Rubenstein RPR Logo

Rubenstein PR “Rented” by Rutenberg Realty

Rubenstein PR continues working extensively in the New York real estate industry – The company announced today they represent real estate giant Rutenberg. Rubenstein’s primary commitment to the company centers on developing strategic communications emphasizing Rutenberg’s approach to providing quality service in the real estate industry. Stefani Markowitz, Rutenberg’s President, expressed her enthusiasm for the arrangement, and feels confident they entered a partnership that will generate results. Time shall tell.

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