Rubenstein Public Relations Adds CHIP to Roster

Rubenstein PR

The Community Housing Improvement Program or CHIPS, has announced Rubenstein Public Relations as their PR agency. They expect to increase visibility and extend their message throughout the New York City area, as well as Albany.

CHIP is a trade advocacy association founded in 1966, which represents over 1,000 members who are owners or managers of rental homes or apartments in the city. Together, they cover 250,000 rental units. The organization is already known for its fair housing policies, but they want to expand their influence and let more people know about what it is they do. That`s where Rubenstein Public Relations comes in.

“CHIP is pleased to work with Rubenstein Public Relations as we seek to cultivate support for responsible rent regulation guidelines,” says Patrick J. Siconolfi, executive director of CHIPS. “With the firm’s assistance, we are confident the public will support our efforts to ensure a stable and adequate housing stock for all New Yorkers.”

Rubenstein is designing a marketing campaign that will put CHIP in the public eye. With media exposure, open dialog with publicists and reporters and other methods of exposure, the PR company is upholding their reputation as a leader in the world of media relations in the area of real estate. While they also cover other industries, such as the hospitality industry, Rubenstein has made a name for itself in real estate in particular, part of the reason the company was chosen for the position.