RyanAir and Boeing Team Up On Pay Toilet Quest

RyanAir everything-pr
RyanAir CEO Michael O’Leary launches another brilliant PR episode – charging passengers at the wrong end of the planes!

Well I predicted it, the latest news in the “Airline Economy Recession” is that RyanAir will soon have pay toilets on their flights. According to this latest new Michael O’Leary, CEO of RyanAir, had already asked Boeing about coin operated toilets for his fleet of 737’s before his PR suggested he was only kidding.

Ryanair is one of the most successful and profitable airlines in Europe, and it looks like O’Leary’s bean counters have come up with another way of making passengers “flush” their money. The really sad part about this news is not that a penny pinching airline would resort to such low class strategy, but that Boeing engineers could not even create a device for use with different currencies. It makes one wonder what their avionics look like doesn’t it? On the PR end of this, forcing passengers to use a credit card to use the restroom during flight is a rather “poo poo” (excuse the pun) way to treat them in my view.

We have looked into this before, and the problem is Boeing can’t come up with a mechanism on the toilet door to take coins. Michael O’Leary

RyanAir passengers flock to test Boeing pay toilets

RyanAir passengers flock to test Boeing pay toilets

I would like to reiterate on behalf of RyanAir’s PR firm, as any public relations professional knows, sometimes your best laid plans turn to crap when CEO’s set their minds on something. One reason RyanAir is so successful is in the way they compensate their in flight personnel. Flight crews are outside contractors, and big part of their pay is based on commissions from in flight sales.

Given this tidbit, it is apparent that O’Leary is not as smart as he looks (well he actually does not look that smart either). Rather than pay for engineering and retrofit of new toilets (which will obviously take years of development from Boeing), the CEO could just give half the “disposable income” (sorry) from the pay toilets to one of the flight attendants. Then skilled flight “waitresses” push passengers to make use of this fantastic new revenue scheme.

RyanAir's O'Leary sucks last dime from passengers

RyanAir’s O’Leary sucks last dime from passengers

O’Leary is no stranger to controversy, he has pretty much dumped on every rule in the book in his arrogant and ruthless pursuit to make RyanAir the cheapest deal with wings, and in his personal efforts at being “special”. And the PR Goofy Award of the day goes to…….RyanAir!

Boeing engineers first attempt at coin operated air-toilet

Boeing engineers first attempt at coin operated air-toilet


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    Oh dear, I have heard of people crossing their fingers when flying but never having to cross their legs. I am all for no frills flights for the sake of cheap air travel but this is taking things to the extreme? What next? Paying extra for a seat with oxygen masks or coin operated inflation for lifejackets? How about working out ways to recycle a plane’s waste products to help power it? A much more environmentally sound idea; although the plane itself may get then get caught short.

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