S&A Cherokee Chosen as PR Firm by Merchants Barter Exchange

S and A Cherokee PR

S&A Cherokee, a well-known PR firm, has been selected as the PR agency of record for Merchants Barter Exchange, as announced yesterday. S&A Cherokee will be handling marketing, media relations and development of the barter exchange’s website. They are excited to be working with the prestigious organization.

“Merchants Barter Exchange is setting a new standard in the bartering industry,” said Ron Smith, president of S&A Cherokee. “Because bartering can help provide additional options for businesses trying to survive in these economic times, we’re looking forward to partnering with Merchants Barter Exchange to increase the reputation and credibility of the practice.”

Merchants Barter Exchange was founded in 2000 and prides itself on being the only barter company in the country to eliminate part-cash deals and work only with trade dollars. In 2005, the exchange set up a national licensing program to educate the public on the benefits of bartering. Their ongoing mission has been to inform businesses and consumers and encourage them to use barter and trade dollars to make their purchases.

“We are confident that through its communications expertise, S&A Cherokee can help us educate the public on the true nature of bartering and its benefits to businesses,” said President Steve Bolles. “Hopefully this will continue our work to improve the negative stereotype usually associated with bartering of old.”

Merchants Barter Exchange and S&A Cherokee will be working together on publicity for the exchange.

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