Sacramento Public Library Seeks Website Redesign

Sacramento Public Library Seeks Website Redesign

The Sacramento Public Library Authority seeks proposals from qualified vendors for a comprehensive website redesign and implementation for the existing public- facing website,

Scope of Work:

The AUTHORITY has a strong desire to provide library patrons with access to a website that promotes ease of use and has intuitive site architecture and user-centric, mobile-friendly design.

A. UX Features and System Functionality

  • Greatly improve discovery and access of Library information, collections, services and content via an effective site architecture and search-engine optimization
  • Design for fast and efficient page load times to accommodate users accessing the site on low bandwidth
  • Create a UX that is responsive and flexible to patron’s device context, be it desktop/laptop, tablet or other mobile device
  • Build layouts, templates and web parts for landing pages, articles, online services and digital signage
  • Create digital signage templates to support customizable (by library location) announcements and special events
  • Support a robust, built-in news/blog platform that enables users to create, edit and publish news and blog articles to the website
  • Align with Library’s brand strategy using a clean, elegant, user-centric design

B. Third-party Platform Integration

  • Provide a seamless and integrated experience, providing access to content and platforms via a single, easy-to-use Library-branded online environment
  • Third-party platforms include:
    • Evanced Event calendar software
    • Evanced Meeting room booking software
    • OverDrive ebook, audiobook and streaming video platform
    • Innovative’s Encore Discovery Solution library catalog
    • RSS feed for Syndetics images of library book covers
  • Integrate with social media networks, including the ability for web content to be easily shared on social media
  • Support creation and integration of APIs for third-party solutions, including Innovative’s Sierra 3.1 APIs

C. Accessibility

  • Provide guidance on industry best practices for content translated into multiple languages
  • Create a UX that supports the needs of patrons who require accessibility tools to use the site and align the new design with WC3 Priority 1 Accessibility Guidelines and Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act to provide optimal accessibility to our users.
    • WC3 Priority 2 and 3 Accessibility Guidelines preferred

D. User Testing

  • Incorporate findings and suggestions from Voice of Patron’s website visitor survey results, stakeholder interviews and patron focus groups into the redesign.
  • Additional user testing is expected throughout the redesign process.

E. Content Migration

  • Migrate applicable current content as determined by the AUTHORITY.
  • Provide guidance on industry best practices for additional in-house content migration.

F. Training, Documentation and Post-Launch Support

  • Provide site-specific documentation for AUTHORITY custom content for both administrator and editor roles for future development and maintenance of the website.
  • Train select administrator and editor roles on how to update and maintain content.
  • Provide post-launch technical assistance and support to AUTHORITY staff.
  • Support services must be available during business hours for the Pacific time zone.
  • Ensure integrity of design via robust QA and testing support through launch and post launch.

Due Date:

August 18, 2017


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