San Francisco Bay Issues Public Relations RFP 

The San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority, a local agency with multi-county jurisdiction, was established by the California State Legislature to expand regional ferry service, coordinate waterborne emergency response activities on San Francisco Bay and to consolidate operation of existing publicly operated ferry systems.WETA’s comprehensive plan to establish ferry service on seven new routes was approved by the Legislature in 2003 (the “Plan”).

The Plan was prepared with input from existing private operators, public transit providers, governmental agencies, environmental groups, business organizations and local representatives. WETA’s goal is to design, build and operate a seamless transit system that responds to the region’s congestion management needs as well as serves in an emergency response capacity, develops innovative environmental solutions for ferry vessels, contributes to economic viability and improves quality of life.

In addition to scheduled passenger ferry operations, WETA is responsible for the coordination of waterborne emergency response activities on San Francisco Bay. In preparation for this role, WETA participates in local and regional training exercises and has established two Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) at WETA facilities in San Francisco and in Vallejo. As WETA plans for the future, its vision is that ferries run every 15 minutes in the highest volume locations, and that commuting by ferry is the first-choice travel option for thousands more Bay Area residents every day. Over the next serval years, WETA will continue to implement a Strategic Plan designed to address the pressing demand for more ferry service on existing routes, while developing the infrastructure needed to expand ferry service across the bay and meet WETA’s emergency response responsibilities.

Scope of Work 


  • Marketing Plans: Develop and support implementation of San Francisco Bay Ferry (SFBF) marketing plans for service lines and for WETA.
  • Web Site Development/Enhancement: Develop and implement web site creative and content designed to improve site functionality, improve customer web site use experience, and enable web site to function as critical marketing tool.
  • Printing: Provide print job specifications and press checks. Arrange for production and delivery of materials as requested by WETA.
  • Creative: Develop creative concepts for SFBF campaigns, promotions, and special events including print ads, television storyboards, and/or radio scripts.
  • Production: Produce radio, television, and web-based programs.
  • Design Services: Develop design concepts and final art for premium items, ads, brochures, pocket schedules, dock signs, rack cards, and ferry tickets.

Public Relations: 

  • Public Relations: Develop plans and provide public relations (and social media) services in support of WETA activities.
  • Media Monitoring: Monitor media for material relevant to WETA’s interest, operations, or plans. Maintain and update media outreach list.
  • Event Planning: Provide event planning and event staff as required by WETA.
  • Materials: Develop and produce press releases, media kits, PowerPoint type presentations, event invitations, WETA backgrounder, and other materials as requested by WETA. Assist WETA with development and production of video products for web and broadcast distribution as required by WETA 

Due Date 

December 18, 2017 


San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority

Attn: On Call Marketing and Public Relations Services RFP #17-025]

9 Pier, Suite 111

San Francisco, CA 94111

Strong firms to consider for this are Edelman PR and Zeno Group.

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