The PR Scream Awards

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Halloween gets closer and closer, and Everything PR’s Spook Twenty Ten brings you news from the event honoring the best in horror PR: the PR Scream Awards 2010. Yup, pun intended. The following issues make me want to scream (and since I am a sheep, imagine how that sounds!): crass BS, self-centered marketers miming altruism, grammar advocates who attack foreigners for minor issues, people who waste my time, people who waste their time reading my stuff, and bad grass.

The undisputed winner is Brian Solis, who, for the love of Edward Cullen, doesn’t get the difference between a (Conversation) prism and a color wheel. But he doesn’t have to, does he? Us, sheep, follow regardless of such minor technicalities. The winner also gets a special mention for promoting the concept of “Engagement!” by talking about, and promoting… nothing else but himself. Congratulations.

Next in line is Mr. Ragan himself, for spamming us relentlessly, but never answering to any of the emails we send his way, regardless of the subject topic. A special mention for living in a glass house and throwing stones goes to his talented team of writers. They also win the platinum award for splitting hairs.

Third goes to Robert Hoskins for his most recent press release announcing some free (yet invisible) whitepapers. He’s got the “white paper” concept all wrong. Just a hint, Robert: it doesn’t mean tabula rasa.

Forth goes to us. Yes. You got that right. Feel free to speculate for what (aside the fact that we were never nominated for anything and we need the self-gratification…)

Finally, fifth goes to every actor and actress spending more time on Twitter than on screen. For obvious reasons.

Sheepy out!

Editor’s note: Sheepy writes satirical editorials. Everything PR has not power over the sheep, and can not edit, modify, delete or otherwise censor Sheepy materials. If you want to post a comment, do it at your own risk, and always remember that you will be, in fact, talking to a sheep.