Sherlyn Chopra: Has A New Bollywood Star Been Born?

Sherlyn Chopra

To start the week off right I turned to Bollywood to see what the buzz is there this morning. What popped out at me was super hot model, singer, and actress Sherlyn Chopra. In a recent interview India’s hottest sex symbol was not only candid about her recent breast augmentation, but her ego seems to be inflated similarly, and perhaps justifiably so. Her recent role as a sort of femme fatal in director Anurag Singh’s “Dil Bole Hadippa!” may just skyrocket the starlet to the pinnacle she so passionately seeks.

But, having an official website that borders on pay-per-view soft porn is definably not where true stardom resides.

A Star Is Born

Watching young actors, models, singers and other artists climbing the ladder to stardom is pretty commonplace, but every once in a while we run across particularly interesting cases. This is so in looking at the career of Sherlyn Chopra (formerly Mona Chopra). In all my reports on Bollywood I can say honestly that I have never seen more YouTube videos of a celebrity, let along as many with sexuality stamped on them so obviously.

To be certain Chopra has the sex appeal, and obvously the industry behind her to help make it happen for her. However, regardless of her obvious intent to bare just about anything the director ask for, I believe the actress has something more than lovely skin to offer – it is somewhere in the eyes, and innocence and timidity beneath what sometimes seems like contrived sensuality.

Sex Symbol Or Stardome – Which Came First?

The making of a movie star is often helped out by talents, charisma, or even sometimes dumb luck. But, none of these commodities is an absolute necessity, let alone inherent in many famous people we know. For Chopra however, there is something missing if she ever wants to get to the top. I think any good advisor would tell her that in her case some mystery added to her “way out front” and publicized mystique as a sex symbol is something the actress has to add to her repertoire.

The point is, Sherlyn is going to have to decide if she wants to be a Pamela Anderson semi-starlet, a Michelle Pfeiffer model turned superstar, or something in between. The track she is on now certainly leads down the Pam Anderson road.

In any event, Sherlyn does have the star quality. Refining and redefining that special something into something audiences (besides teenage Youtube watchers) can’t do without is obviously the next step for the 25 year old beauty. The history of film and celebrity is fraught with stories just like this one. Talented beautiful people set amidst a backdrop where fame and fortune walk hand in hand with failure and obscurity.

This recent role in Dil Bole Hadippa!, a characteristically Indian light and charming film, may just be enough to take the none-too-shy actress to the next level. At some point though, as with all roads to success, twists and turns become less frequent and where a star is, is where a star is. There has to be something outside the sexuality, any soft porn star has that to be frank.

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