Shipping Container Farms: The Future of Food Supply

Shipping Container Farms: The Future of Food Supply

Nowadays, the fear of “food deserts” are what might destroy our race and the animals that surround our own Mother Nature as well. Gladly, there are a lot of eco-friendly solutions that are coming out in order to prevent these food deserts from expanding in our own planet. One of these solutions is the shipping-container farms, which have the capability to cultivate any type of plants and crops, no matter what location or climate it may be. Here are the different advantages of this very innovative way of farming crops:

Grows Anything, Anywhere

This capability is the primary benefit of owning a shipment-container farm. It is a type of farm that uses a special container that has the capability to grow various types of fruits that are out of season. It can harvest avocados and strawberries at any time of the month. It can also grow rare fruits from tropical areas such as Asia even if you’re on a climate where winter may occur. These farms are very special in its own right as it uses a very unique method of farming: hydroponics.

The benefit of using hydroponics is capable of stopping any food deserts as this specialized form of cultivation doesn’t require any type of soil at all. The researchers that developed shipment-container farms initially aimed to resolve the largest food desert there is. Believe it or not, it is outer space that they’re aiming for. So far, the development of these hydroponic farms is great.

Portable Installation

These farms also serve as a very convenient farming option as you can install these at the back of your house or on a different space on your farm if there are any free ones left. Some of the owners of these farms have the capability of cultivating indoor areas such as barns and used warehouses as well. Houses that have garages, parking lots or backyards can install these to grow homemade crops.

Great For Business

Supply chains for restaurants are getting scarce by the minute, resulting in increasing prices for menu items. If someone owns a set of shipment-container farms, they can become potential distributors who can provide better prices for the restaurants. It’s one way to show that business can be done in many ways, as long as it helps a lot of people. This may even help restaurants lower prices, and can effectively provide more customers who can afford the menu items.

Good For Beginners

These shipment-container farms are just as easy as growing plants in a garden. The hardware and technology provided on the farm are very easy to operate even for first-time farmers. Instructions on how much water will be used per day, as well as methods on how leftover water can be recycled. Installation of sensors to easily get updated with the growth status of the plant. LED lamps are also very easy to install on these farms, enabling everyone to install a farm like how they install appliances in their living room.

These products are definitely the future of farming, knowing how efficient hydroponics can be when used on any type o climate, location, and whatever type of plant you want to cultivate. The only hard part of this method is the construction of the farm, but anything else after the installation will never be a tedious task to do.

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