Shipping Containers Could Be The Homes of The Future

Shipping Containers Could Be The Homes of The Future

Anyone who works in the construction industry is aware of the high prices that are charged by general contractors to build homes. This is a common occurrence in the United States. One solution could be constructing homes using shipping containers. A regular shipping container is approximately 8 feet wide and can be up to 40 feet long. Should a home or building need a second floor shipping containers can be easily stacked on one another. If a shipping container homeowner wants a window in a particular spot, one can be just cut out. Architects see quite a bit of potential in the flexibility with the design of a shipping container.

Housing Crisis Solution

There are many people in the construction industry who advocate shipping containers as a quick and effective way to deal with an urban housing crisis. They are cost effective to install and can be done rather quickly. They save on materials and each unit can be easily moved to a new location and used again. Their adaptability for meeting housing needs makes them a great solution for any housing crisis around the United States as well as the world.

Shipping Container Homes

People who have taken up residence in a shipping container often describe it as cozy. The frames of a shipping container have been made with steel that can survive any type of weather element. An important element of a shipping container is that it was built to last a long time. Once made into a residence they could provide a living space, kitchen, bathroom and some of them even have a deck. The insulated panels of a shipping container can be combined with radiators as well as other types of heat sources to provide a warm place to spend the cold winter months. The structure’s insulation also provides a residence with a much quieter living space than an apartment building.

Changing Attitude On Housing

Many people struggle in their mind to believe a home that is made of something other than brick and mortar is a good place to live. They struggle to believe a steel box would be a good home. Many shipping containers can have many things done to make them an attractive residence. Their design allows easy installation of service pipes as well as cabling. Gaps between structures provide a natural form of ventilation. When they are stacked, the upper floors can be made to get power from solar panels. One could act as a terrace. There are even shipping container homes that are built with a roof covered in grass. When stacked on one another, they can be arranged to create a communal garden or grassy area and more.

One of the two most attractive features of housing made from shipping containers is how they can be placed to create a unique apartment building or home. They are very affordable and can be easily transported. A shipping container home can also be made to fit an individual’s style and taste in living. They are eco-friendly and may be the key to providing adequate housing worldwide.

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