Skyya Communications Joins Forces with iCentera

Skyya Communications

Skyya Communications announced today that they are expanding their client roster by adding iCentera. This client addition marks a step forward in the PR firm’s goal of penetrating the technology industry.

iCentera is a software company that offers solutinos for boosting sales, as well as increasing marketing and client success in the area of sales. They already have a firm base of 150,000 subscribers, but these numbers are increasing every day. The company has hired Skyya to help with their media relations, using existing relationships that the PR company has in order to help promote the software. They will also be using online strategies, such as pay per click advertising, search engine optimization and social media to increase public awareness of the company´s offerings.

“Key to our selection of Skyya Communications was their team’s impressive credentials in the social media arena, along with Skyya’s reputation for delivering award-winning media relations for technology innovators,” said Craig Nelson, CEO of iCentera. “The team took the time to learn our value proposition so they were ready to hit the ground running with a commanding presence in the market place.”

Skyya has extensive experience in the area of public relations with a focus on the technological industry. They have worked with over 100 clients both in the US and in Europe and have built up valuable relationships with the media which can now be leveraged for the benefit of future clients, meaning that iCentera is being given a great opportunity to promote their products thanks to their PR firm.

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