Social Media Tools To Fight Crime In Virginia

The City of Roanoke

The City of Roanoke, Virginia is seeking social media monitoring services for law enforcement – they seek a manner which allows  the City to search current and future forms of social media. Currently, the Roanoke City Police Department staffs six (6) crime analysts and utilizes a multitude of programs to trend and predict crime trends in the Roanoke Valley. The use of social media has shown to be an important investigative and crime prevention tool.

The City is seeking location based social media monitoring services for law enforcement. The social media monitoring solution should be able to access all current and future social media outlets for the purposes of analysis and investigation. The City is seeking proposals for a social media monitoring solution – and RFP’s should include information on:

  1. A comprehensive overview of Offeror(s) proposed social media monitoring solution (including mapping, features, search ability, language/translation services, reporting, hosting requirements, hardware and/or software requirements, training, and field/search customization);
  2. Description of experience in providing social media monitoring services;

All responses to this request for proposal shall be submitted by February 29, 2016, to

City of Roanoke

Noel C. Taylor Municipal Building Purchasing Division, Room 202

215 Church Ave. S.W., Roanoke, VA 24011 Ref: RFP # 16-06-06, Social Media Monitoring Attn: Monica Cole, Senior Buyer

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