PR Agencies Partner to Offer Social Media Services to Tourism Companies

Public relations agencies Mirror Communications and PRwave International have just announced a new partnership intended to help travel and tourism companies better capitalize on social media efforts. The two agencies have designed six types of social media packages, either with monthly fees or one off payments, targeting small and medium sized companies activating in the travel and hospitality segments, which will help them boost their online presence and achieve their communication and marketing objectives.

Through this partnership, Mirror Communications and PRwave International offer personalized social media strategies and provide travel companies with the right tools and advice to make the most out of their Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest profiles as well as their business blogs. The social media experts from the two agencies will put together their knowhow to maximize the results of each campaign they run for their clients.

“The Internet is always raving about a new travel app, a new way to share destination information with other tourists, easy ways to book hotels or flights or tours online, social media channels host large and very active travelers’ groups where the exchange of information is just amazing,” said Alina Popescu, founder and Lead PR Strategist at Mirror Communications. “Yet travel and tourism companies, who should be leaders of the business side of every social media channel, are sometimes left behind. Other than big brands that have the time, budget and staff to capitalize on social media campaigns, all the lower profile players in the travel and tourism industry – small and medium sized businesses for the most part – simply miss out on this great opportunity to reach out to potential customers from across the world.”

The six travel-focused packages cover different services, from full management to social media profiles to assessing current online efforts and coaching companies to better reach their marketing and sales goals, from building communities on social networks through developing blog content to address new audiences. The prices vary from as low to 600 US dollar per month to 1400 US dollars for the all inclusive package.

“It is, or should be, impossible for a business in the tourism field not to be present on social media channels. But this is merely the beginning. A constant and effective, locally adapted online presence can make the difference when a tourist or a traveler chooses a service provider over another one,” stated Violeta-Loredana Pascal, General Manager, PRwave International. “Social media can help boost visibility and bring customer closer to travel brands, making a company seem friendlier and giving it a human touch. Real-time communication and a constant interaction with existing and potential customers often lead to a more trafficked official website and better financial results, as all our campaigns and implemented strategies for clients in various fields have proven so far.”

The travel community is one of the most active in social media with thousands of people talking about destinations, tips and tourism brands. Tapping into the potential this vibrant group has when it comes to buying travel services, recommending a certain brand and even turning into evangelists for a certain spot, especially for the SMB segment. Addressing this group of enterprises specifically, with services customized to fit real needs and restrictive budgets, might prove to be a winning strategy for the two PR agencies.

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