Social Vibe Launches A New Consumer Engagement Platform

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SocialVibe has released TrueTargetingTM for rich media advertising, a PR tool that provides deeper engagement by leveraging category leading third party data providers.  TrueTargeting™ utilizes third party data from BlueKai, information from network partners and data collected directly from users.

social vibeRemoving the ambiguity typically associated with targeting in online media, SocialVibe’s TrueTargeting™ allows marketers direct access to over 101 million U.S. web and mobile consumers. While many solutions rely primarily on information provided by brokers in which data about a user is “inferred” from surfing habits, similarities or usage patterns, SocialVibe’s assesses user-provided data and survey responses, which have significantly higher levels of accuracy. more accurate.

“Targeting solutions and methodologies in digital advertising are frequently shrouded in mystery and often explained with complicated language designed to legitimize what many times is simply an educated guess. SocialVibe TrueTargeting™ aims to demystify rich media ad targeting,” explained John Capano, chief marketing officer at SocialVibe. “We know who our users are and can target them with relevant, engaging ads to drive results for our clients. Our numbers prove it over and over.”

According to the official announcement average results on campaigns that leverage TrueTargeting™ exceed industry averages with five to 10 times the opt-in of display, 60 seconds time-spent, 80 percent completion, 46 percent click-through, and more than 15 percent lift in brand consideration. Currently, major TrueTargeting™ clients include McDonald’s, Microsoft and Coca-Cola.

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Update: Social Vibe Is Now Know As True [X] Media.

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