Solveris Marketing and Communications Chosen By Snurser

Solveris Marketing

Solveris Marketing and Communications has been selected as the agency of record for The Snurser®, the country’s number one portable feeding support pillow. The pillow makes life easier for parents when feeding their babies by providing extra arm support and keeping the baby in a more comfortable position.

Solveris will be responsible for running PR campaigns for The Snurser®. The PR firm is planning a two-phase marketing campaign directed at boosting walk-in traffic, as well as online traffic to the company’s website.

Phase one will focus mainly on Web 2.0 techniques, using social media to increase website traffic. The PR company also intends to use events to encourage public awareness. Phase two will involve using more traditional marketing techniques to gain store traffic. The idea is to promote The Snurser® as a popular maternity or baby shower gift and show the public how useful it can be to new parents.

Made from 100% cotton, The Snurser® keeps everyone, baby and parent, nice and cool. The pillow has been selling well, but with additional publicity, both the company and Solveris believe it could become even more popular. Starting immediately, Solveris will be designing and implementing ad campaigns to boost public awareness of the pillow.


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    Thank you for the post. There is a typo in our name in the title that I thought you’d like to be made aware of for correction. It says Soveris, instead of Solveris. Thank you! Tony Sarcone from Solveris.

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