South Carolina Army National Guard Seeking Social Media Agency

South Carolina Army National Guard Seeking Social Media Agency

The requirement is to advise the SCARNG Recruiting and Retention Command in expanding their social media footprint. The contractor shall be responsible for monitoring and advising the SCARNG Marketing Team on various social media platforms. The company shall advise with the creation of social media content, which must be approved by the Recruiting and Retention Command Marketing Team prior to release. The content must meet the guidelines set forth by NGB. “Like”, “Lead Generation”, and “Post Boost” campaigns and then monitored for its effectiveness. The six month period of performance is 1 Aug 2018 – 1 Feb 2019.


The mission of the South Carolina Army National Guard (SCARNG) Recruiting and Retention Force is to assess new Soldiers in to the SCARNG and manage retention and attrition. The mission of the Recruiting and Retention Marketing Department is to generate awareness and leads in support of end-strength mission achievement. The Recruiting and Retention Marketing Department is responsible for the development and implementation of the advertising / marketing plan for the State and provides advertising and marketing support to the Recruiting and Retention Battalion. This contact will enable the Recruiting and Retention Marketing Department to create and execute an effective Social Media Campaign that will produce brand awareness, promote the ARNG, and emphasize our unique State Benefits. The intent is to generate interest in our target market and increase lead generation.

Scope of Work:

The contractor shall provide all management, tools, supplies, equipment, and labor necessary tomeet the requirements of this statement of work). The Recruiting & Retention Battalion (RRB) Marketing NCOIC will provide technical guidance regarding NGR 601-1 Army National Guard (ANG) Strength Maintenance Program, Chapter 7, and all applicable operational security considerations. All products and graphics will remain the intellectual property of the SCARNG.

Specific Requirements/Tasks:

  • The contractor shall provide advice on Social Media funding strategies regarding:
  • “Boost” Posts when needed to cover events or campaigns
  • Increasing advertising reach online by coordination of advertisements or sponsored videos while taking into consideration our allocated budget.
  • Ensuring that the SCARNG Marketing efforts are targeted to the appropriate population.
  • The contractor shall advise the RR BN Marketing team in the creation and implementation of a social media strategy; and conducting active retargeting campaigns. Advise with outreach and advertising on social media outlets including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google services.
  • The contractor shall create and distribute approved content to social media services. This will include photos, unique posts and videos. Content and posts must be approved by RR BN staff prior to release. All created content remains the property of the SCARNG.
  • The contractor shall maintain and report at least on a monthly basis online metrics showing the impact of the Social Media Campaign.

Delivery or Deliverables:

  • Deliverables shall consist of content and videos that will be posted online. These items will, once created, become property of the SCARNG for further use and distribution.
  • Maintain and report at least on a monthly basis online metrics showing the impact of the Social Media Campaign.

Due Date:

August 3rd


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