Squirro’s Digital Assistant Enhances Customer Understanding

Squirro filters out the noiseSquirro’s new “digital research assistant” designed for business, reduces digital noise to provie relevant, current and contextual information on a particular topic of interest — including contacts and companies — for efficient sales research.

Squirro advanced curation technology scans multiple sources including Internet channels, social media, contacts, private databases and internal business systems to collect relevant information, which it continuously updates. Squirro provides the necessary context for insightful market research, competitive analysis, lead generation, prospecting and relationship building.

Specific Squirro features include automated news and social media curation and delivery; organization according to account, contact or topic of interest; and integration with the most popular business and social apps. Squirro staff suggests businesses must be available to connect with customers at any time, via any channel. Having automatic access to such knowledge transforms “cold calls” into informed conversations tailored to specific prospects, which accelerates sales.

Squirro also provides insight into different types of intelligence:

  • Sales intelligence with the most current information about prospects ready for contact, calls or meetings
  • Market intelligence that follows topics to identify trends in an industry or category
  • Customer intelligence based on news about customers and their interests
  • Competitive intelligence that track competitor product development, media mindshare and strategies

Dr. Dorian Selz, co-founder and CEO of Squirro shares his vision for the company: “Because our team is truly focused on how businesses can better harvest information to improve productivity and revenue generation, we knew we wanted to start with sales and marketing intelligence. Squirro breaks through today’s information insanity to give sales and marketing teams the real-time context, intelligence and 360 degree customer view they need to engage with and win customers.”

The video below from Squirro shows a bit more about this technology.

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