Steven Style Group to Head Marketing for Stellarwind Bio Energy

Stellar Wind Bio Energy LLC everything-pr

Stellarwind Bio Energy has decided to use the Steven Style Group as their marketing communications agency. The PR agency will be responsible for designing and implementing a dynamic marketing plan that will draw attention to the bio-energy company`s work with producing renewable energy from algae, as an alternative to fossil fuels.

“We are honored to be named the marketing communications agency of record for Stellarwind Bio Energy,” stated Mr. Style. “We look forward to helping this future forward company realize its vision of reshaping the competitive energy landscape by providing a new domestic source of eco-friendly renewable energy.”

Founded in 2006, Stellarwind Bio Energy has spent the last two years working on their project, producing fuel oil from algae through use of a bioreactor in conjunction with a processing system, both of which are quite affordable. Now that they are ready to launch their small scale pilot production phase, the company has decided to go with the Steven Style Group to gain publicity for their work. The company hopes to perfect their techniques and begin producing bio energy and gaining public interest will help.

The Steven Style Group is a marketing communications company that was founded in 1996 and has focused mainly on businesses that are launching new technologies. Best known for high visibility campaigns and memorable PR work, the company has worked with businesses such as PowerFile Digital Storage Solutions, The Discovery Channel,, ELAN Home Systems, HomeLogic, and Atari Games.

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