Stonecrest Issues Website RFP

Stonecrest Issues Website RFPThe goal for the City is to have a website with the technology to support online service, High-quality videos, along with integrated social media tools. The City is requesting proposals from vendors specializing in web development/design services able to meet the requirements in this document to upgrade the city’s website. The planned website redevelopment project will start in January 2019.



Stonecrest, Georgia’s current website was developed in 2017. The website evolved from being a site designed to inform residents about the incorporation of the new city to a website intended to inform, educate and provide a convenient resource for paying city fees and fines.

The city’s website is developed and designed using Dreamweaver Software. Our objective is to gain the ability to modify and update the website without using Dreamweaver or any custom codes. The staff’s desired option is to have the website migrated to a Content Management System format so that our department directors can easily update their respective web pages.


Scope of Work

  • The vendor will migrate current website in its entirety, to a new, fully-functional website in a timely manner to be agreed upon at the awarding of the
  • The new website will pull content and upon agreement certain design features from the existing website. The new website will contain all content from the existing
  • The vendor will provide a website that is built on a content management software foundation that will allow for staff updates without the need for extensive coding
  • The vendor will provide training on the complete use of the content management software to the communications director and communications coordinator and/or their
  • The vendor will continue to support for the website to include but not limited to 24-hour security and website restoration in the event of a
  • The vendor will be expected to consult with city staff on ways to increase our web users and maintain an excellent user experience for website


In addition to these tasks, the vendor will be responsible for supplemental tasks such as:

  • Management of the redesign and migration project
  • Content strategy and copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Information and visual design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Front and back-end coding
  • Mobile device optimization
  • Testing and quality assurance


The vendor will facilitate each phase of the website development and provide a timeframe that will be agreed upon by the city and the vendor. The names of the phases may vary; however, their deliverables should be similar.


Phase 1 Research

Establish and outline the city’s specific website needs. Develop a project timeline and project plan that identifies each subsequent step in the website development process.


Phase 2 Analyze and Design

Establish content, design preferences, color palette, and desired images.


Phase 3 Website Development

Create a CMS-based design concept that provides information and a superb user experience. Begin migrating the existing website key features such as pay portals to the new website. Ensure that all archive files associated with the website are migrated to the new website. Begin preparations for the launch of the new website.


Phase 4 Pre-Launch and Training

Resolve any content or design errors. Approve the final version of the website that has been tested on all major browsers and mobile devices. Train communications department and their designees on the CMS software. Advertise new website’s arrival on social media and on the current website.


Phase 5 Launch

Release the new website to the public.


Phase 6 Post Launch

Provide ongoing support, hosting and security to maintain a superb user experience.


Due Date

December 17


Adrion Bell

3120 Stonecrest Blvd.

Stonecrest, GA 30038


Kwittken PR and Shift Communications are worth considering for this assignment.

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