Five Hilarious Super Bowl Commercials

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Super Bowl XLV, the 45th annual edition of the Super Bowl in American football, will open February 6, 2011, with Pittsburgh Steelers against Green Bay Packers, in a game that will decide the NFL champion for the 2010 season. The Super Bowl is pretty big in the US – somehow bigger than Christmas. And most retailers know how to take advantage of this opportunity. Marketing agencies compete for advertising gigs, conceiving some of the most hilarious ad spots you’ve ever seen.

The scripts for these commercials would not be enough without their stars. For instance, Best Buy’s Super Bowl commercials feature Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne, while GoDaddy’s show celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels. Pepsi decided to let its fans create the commercials, Stella Artois comes for the first time at the Super Bowl, while SNICKERS bets on Roseanne Barr and Richard Lewis. The list could go on forever, as each year brings something new, and 2011 is not less exciting than 2010.

There are more than 100 million people expected to tune in for Super Bowl XLV on Sunday – and this translates in cash for many companies. Snacks, beer, refreshments, gadgets… they all find their 20 seconds of fame this Super Bowl, and ad spot prices skyrocket. Luckily for some of these companies, the Internet still offers free slots on popular sites, that choose to feature their commercials for pure entertainment purposes.

We follow the trend today, and offer you five of the most hilarious spots we could find on YouTube.

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