Bollywood Actress Suchitra Krishnamurthy Innocent: But Is The Industry?

Suchitra Krishnamurthy

News from India reveals a dark underside to that thriving and progressive nation. The entertainment world, and other industry there is being stained by reports of child labor and inhumane treatment to the unprotected of India, its children. Whether by reason of families selling them, or industry’s dark designs on cheap labor sources, no nation of the 21st Century can tolerate its youth being subjugate so.

Kavya Madhavan’s Life In Shambles Because Of Greed?

Kayva Madhaven

Is Kavya Madhaven the victim of a gold digging scheme? With no official word from either side as of yet, speculation has been crazy as to why the budding actress is estranged from her husband after only 6 months or marriage. Did the Chandra’s demand too much? New evidence points to the Meeshamadahavan star trying to protect her family.