Astro Boy To Spearhead Japan’s FIFA World Cup Bid

2009-10-12 by EPR Staff
astro boy1

In the news today, Japan's bid for the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup will be branded with none other than Astro Boy. The super popular comic character premiered this past weekend to rave reviews, and one look at the movie's website reveals why. If there is one thing the Japanese excel at it is animation, and Astro Boy is no exception with Imagi studios' creativity. As for good PR moves, lovable characters such as this little dynamo are always good for business. Japan announced the character as the ambassador for Japan's campaign at a press conference last week. Imagi's Astro Boy... Read More >

Madonna Delivers PR Gift to Lady Gaga on SNL

2009-10-04 by EPR Staff
lady gaga madonna

In a staged appearance on Saturday Night Live, Madonna attacked Gaga in a Deep House Dish musical skit with Kenan Thompson and Andy Samberg. Some found it funny, but the whole deal reminded me of Diana Falzones's editorial on The Huffington Post - The Lost Art of Being a Lady. Madonna, who is already known for her hot temper, delivered Gaga a beautifully wrapped PR gift when she "interrupted" her performance, starting to pull Gaga's wig and yelling "What the hell is a disco stick?" This girls gone wildperformance is what can be seen as the essence of today's pop... Read More >

Kwittken & Company: PR Funny of the Day

2009-10-02 by EPR Staff
word of mouse

No one is immune to it, not even the best of the best. But we prefer to see things with a smile today. If "word of mouth" applies for traditional marketing, why should we call it the same online? Kwittken and Company's small error on the corporate site could actually pass for a creative license if we think about it... It cannot be "word of mouth" online, (unless we count video and podcasts). It has to be "word of mouse" - it certainly sounds better than "word of keyboard." So "word of mouse" could be a new term to describe... Read More >

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