IRS Debtors Released: Chris Reda, Peter Glazier, Damon Dash & More

2015-10-20 by EPR Staff
IRS everything-pr

The October list of New York tax delinquents is out – and it’s a continued effort to shame citizens into paying their debts. Clearly no one wants to be seen as behind in their payments to the government. It’s a strong, aggressive public relations strategy. Some of the more notable names on the list - which can be read in full here Frederick Lesort Frederick Lesort, famed restaurateur – owes a total of about $605,000. In 2011, he filed for bankruptcy – and is best known as the owner of high-profile Buddha Bar & Frederick's, which celebrity-haunts were for many years.... Read More >

A Great PR Stunt: Taking a Fall For Miss Bikini Ireland

2015-10-14 by EPR Staff
Miss Bikini Ireland Controversial Pic

Just the other day Miss Bikini Ireland contestant, Ana Pavel, was doing a photo shoot for breast cancer awareness. And what better way to do that than take pictures of the barely clad topless beauty sauntering down Harcourt Streets in Dublin. One of the photos was a slam dunk – or at least a slam as a distracted female cyclist outside the focused area of one picture still got featured as the victim of a crash. And with a rapidly approaching tram heading toward both the crash victim and Ms. Pavel. Considering the woman was probably just out for a... Read More >

Australian PR Money For Hot Air Balloons

2015-10-14 by EPR Staff
Hot Air Balloon Australia everything-pr

[caption id="attachment_68960" align="aligncenter" width="574"] Image Courtesy: www.hotair.com.au[/caption] The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) loves a good air flight – that should be without question. But you don’t always associate the flyboys with hot air balloons – until today. The RAAF already has two custom hot air balloons and have just announced they are seeking a third – tendering their offer for "procurement of a hot air balloon system" in the $100,000 range, and its coming from a Public Relations budget. That sounds like chicken feed compared to the price of the faster and more battle ready Joint Strike Fighter costing... Read More >

Gloria Allred Is A Media Hound

2015-10-09 by EPR Staff
Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred is a civil rights attorney often in the middle of high-profile cases involving celebrities, sex, or injustice to a woman. She puts herself in the middle of this story – she’s a media whore and a relentless promoter in our humble opinion. Her name has made its way into the current press cycle again regarding the Bill Cosby civil suit filed by Judy Huth about alleged sexual misconduct by Cosby at the Playboy Mansion in 1974. The rules of the court are the names of all parties in such actions not be divulged until the court authorizes that... Read More >

Peppercomm PR: Executive NOT sued by Floyd Mayweather, Sr.

2015-10-08 by EPR Staff
Floyd Mayweather, Sr

On September 25th Floyd Mayweather, Sr. filed a lawsuit against Ann Barlow and Tim Chan, both residents of Clark County, Nevada, in the Clark County District Court. According to the complaint filed by Mr. Mayweather, he contracted with the two individuals for their help in establishing a non-profit organization to "knock out" sarcoidosis and other preventable brain injuries. Mr. Mayweather – father of champ fighter Floyd - suffers from the condition as do many professional fighters. And despite rumors to the contrary, as Steve Cody, CEO of Peppercomm confirmed, the Ann Barlow in question is decidedly not the Ann Barlow... Read More >

Forgive Justine Sacco: Let The PR Pro Move On… 

2015-10-07 by EPR Staff
Justine Sacco

It has been almost two years since Justine Sacco famously sent a terrible, hateful tweet as she was jumping on a plane for the second leg of her journey to enjoy the holidays with family in South Africa. What Sacco said, was taken literally and by the time her plane landed in South Africa, she had been vilified in the press and on Twitter, as well as losing her job. Imagine the shock of ending a long flight arriving for a vacation only to be greeted at the airport by people there to take her picture so they could post her... Read More >

Celeb PR: Macy Gray Owes $268K in Back Taxes to IRS

2015-10-05 by EPR Staff
Macy Gray Taxes

-Everything PR Exclusive Reveals California Tax Franchise Board Names R & B Superstar as Among Most Delinquent Tax Payers in State- Everything PR News has exclusively learned that celebrity R & B singer Macy Gray owes the California Tax Franchise Board $268,617.96 in unpaid taxes. The just-released government filing on the top delinquent tax payers in the State of California can be read here – and  Gray can be found under her legal name, Natalie M Hinds. The Grammy-award winning artist was born Natalie McIntyre, and was previously married to Tracey Hinds – we have confirmed she legally uses the... Read More >

Zayn Malik Has A New Girlfriend & She Works In Public Relations

2015-09-30 by EPR Staff
Zayn Malik One Direction

Zayn Malik is best known as a former member of the boy band One Direction – but for readers of this Public Relations news site, we are most interested in the fact that international media reports have recently broken a story that he is dating a Public Relations pro, Carlyn Bryan. Usually, PR and advertising types prefer to stay behind the scenes, but this weekend Carlyn found people all around the world scurrying to learn her name and something … anything … whatever they could find out …. about her. Up until very recently, Malik was engaged to Little Mix... Read More >

PR Fight: Public Relations People Assaulted & Beat Up… And Not Just by Deborah Norville

2015-09-23 by EPR Staff
Deborah Norville everything-pr

This week was a reminder of just how painful a publicist’s life can be at times - when Deborah Norville kicked a publicist. People who saw what happened said the Inside Edition anchor was trying to interview various celebrities on the red carpet at Harper’s Bazaar Starry Icons party. As will happen on a red carpet, people kept walking by and getting in her shot. Apparently Norville at some point went into diva mode and kicked a passing publicist who was talking with Jean-Paul Goude. Norville continued her interview, and when the unsuspecting publicist got close, Norville reached out and... Read More >

Amy Bouzagio: Exclusive Statement on Closing Amy’s Baking Company

2015-09-19 by EPR Staff
Amy Bouzagio

If you don’t know this story, here’s the basics. Samy and Amy Bouzagio appeared on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare (aired May 10, 2013). They were the owners of Amy’s Bakery in Scottsdale, Arizona. This episode was notable because it was the first time in the series’ history Ramsay was unable to finish the transformation and then the social media nightmare (possibly a sequel series in the future) ensued. People posted their thoughts about the couple and their restaurant. Claims were made of excessively bad behavior and verbal abuse of customers by the pair. Their food was called into question though... Read More >

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