Amy Bouzagio: Exclusive Statement on Closing Amy’s Baking Company

2015-09-19 by EPR Staff
Amy Bouzagio

If you don’t know this story, here’s the basics. Samy and Amy Bouzagio appeared on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare (aired May 10, 2013). They were the owners of Amy’s Bakery in Scottsdale, Arizona. This episode was notable because it was the first time in the series’ history Ramsay was unable to finish the transformation and then the social media nightmare (possibly a sequel series in the future) ensued. People posted their thoughts about the couple and their restaurant. Claims were made of excessively bad behavior and verbal abuse of customers by the pair. Their food was called into question though... Read More >

Burning Man: Media Is Taken Seriously

2015-09-18 by EPR Staff
Burning Man PR everything-pr

[caption id="attachment_60690" align="aligncenter" width="711"] Are you curious about Burning Man?[/caption] Burning Man is a big deal among those in the know. They have a culture created around tribal inclusion, sharing what you have with anyone wandering by, and accepting others in whatever way they choose to express themselves. Including various levels of nudity. It is a private event held on public land. You buy tickets to participate and when you purchase tickets, you agree to a media contract, personal or professional. Burners are very protective of the experience and each other. If you want to know about the terms of... Read More >

5 Great Fashion Week Publicity Stunts

2015-09-17 by EPR Staff

As New York Fashion Week is upon us (NYFW), Everything PR has pulled our favorite fashion moments of NYFW's past. If you are working in Fashion PR, it's essential you do your homework on past branding initiatives within your industry. Here’s five fun fashion moments consisting of great publicity stunts: Zoolander II in Paris Fashion Week Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson appeared in their Blue Steele-styled characters from the new Zoolander II movie. They strutted down the catwalk at the Maison Valentino Show in Paris to announce the upcoming sequel to their 2001 comedy, Zoolander. The stunt continued on Instagram... Read More >

Ryan Seacrest Owns A PR Firm – Who Knew?

2015-09-15 by EPR Staff
Ryan Seacrest Public Relations

Civic Entertainment Group was acquired by Ryan Seacrest’s entity Seacrest Global Group in December 2012 and has added to Civic since then at least once when it acquired Nate Schreiber’s Culture Shop in 2014. When Seacrest acquired controlling interest in Civic Entertainment, he said, “Part of my overall goal in the business is to connect content, brands and consumers. I think that this is a great opportunity to do that.” Civic’s co-founders, Stuart Ruderfer, and David Cohn, continue to run the company in New York. But this has allowed Seacrest to do many of his own projects through the company,... Read More >

4 Things the NFL can do to Help their Public Relations Crisis Problem

2015-09-11 by EPR Staff

First, let’s just say that the NFL must be making some good decisions because they are a $10 billion per year enterprise. And considering just how many entertainment choices there are at any given moment, the NFL often commands more than 80% of all the television viewing in America during regular season games. The fans love the game, they love watching it played well. So what are some possible approaches to getting better PR for the NFL? Here are four ideas to help rebuild a flawless image for the NFL's PR: Industry Standard Training Everyone knows the best crisis management... Read More >

Wrestling PR Implications Of The Wrestling Superstar Charged with Murder

2015-09-08 by EPR Staff
superfly snuka

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for the superstars of professional wrestling. First, perennial icon Hulk Hogan is caught using racist language during a secret tryst with his former best friend’s wife. His likeness and story were immediately stripped from the WWE and its promotional elements. His career in shambles, the Hulkster made the media circuit, hoping to resurrect his legacy. And he’s not the only WWE Hall of Famer in hot water. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka is facing criminal murder charges connected with the 1983 death of his then-girlfriend Nancy Argentino. There is really no overstating the impact Snuka... Read More >

The Best Sports Public Relations Campaigns We Have Seen

2015-09-04 by EPR Staff
sports pr everything-pr

Here are some of the best sports PR campaigns we have seen: Peyton Manning’s Priceless Commercials "Priceless” is MasterCard’s slogan and their commercial series for roughly 15 years. They’ve had great success with it, and can apply the concept in unlimited situations. So when MasterCard put Peyton Manning as a new face for their “priceless” campaign it was. …well, priceless. You can’t help but see the pricelessness of famous professional athletes, which are considered big, tough guys, all doing activities like bonding while having walks on the beach. The punchline in Payton’s ad centered on all those joining him trying... Read More >

Who does Publicity and PR for the Biggest Stars and Celebrities in Hollywood?

2015-08-17 by EPR Staff
42 West PR Jay Z

Are you into hip hop and rappers who have done well in that industry? If you are, chances are you’ve seen work from the people they employ for their public relations efforts as well. Sometimes that may have been when they were promoting new releases, publicizing events they attend or keeping their name out of the press. So, here is information on some of the publicists and the rappers they represent. Publicist to the Rappers: Jay-z, Wiz Khalifa & Others - Find out who represents the top rappers in the game! The publicist for Jay-Z is Ron Berkowitz from Berk Comm &... Read More >

Ronda Rousey: The Female Face of the UFC and Now Hollywood

2015-08-02 by EPR Staff

Ronda Rousey is fighting tonight in UFC 190, in Rio De Janeiro Brazil. Checkout the UFC website for full information on time and viewing details.  If you've never heard the name Ronda Rousey, it's only a matter of time. This 28-year-old has taken the world by storm in everything from the Olympic games to the big screen, and as of 2015, she's still rolling her red carpet of success across everything she touches. Rousey is perhaps best known as a female judoka and mixed martial artist. In addition to being the first woman ever signed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship... Read More >

Bollywood Star Kangana Ranaut Threatens Her Public Relations Company

2015-06-10 by EPR Staff
Bollywood Star Kangana Ranaut

According to media reports emanating from India, one of the most prominent stars of the Bollywood Film Industry, Kangana Ranaut has sent a legal warning to a public relations firm whom she recently fired. As was reported, her lawyer, Rizwan Siddiquee, sent a letter to an unnamed PR firm: “The representatives of your company out of bitterness then malafidely, mischievously and intentionally started spreading various false and absolutely misleading stories against my client to the media therein trying to cause serious damages to my client's name, image and reputation." Media reports claim the PR firm had been warned previously. Her... Read More >

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