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Facebook User Banned for Friendliness

Facebook user and middle school teacher John VanPelt was blocked from using the site. A rather active user, VanPelt accepted all his friend requests and commented often on the profiles of others. But Facebook...

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Roman Polanski Banned from Facebook Pokes

Accused rapist Roman Polanski has been banned from poking other users on Facebook. The famous Hollywood director was being held in a Swiss prison awaiting a decision as to whether or not he would be extradited back to the US to face the rape charges. Having limited access to Facebook seems like the least of his worries for many, but evidently the Swiss consider Facebook limitations a form of hard labor?

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Corporate Abuse of Facebook Photos Gets Employees in Trouble

Living a life that’s full, posting it to Facebook, and having it come back and bite you may seem like part of the game, but for some like Nathalie Blanchard, a sanctified Facebook might be a better choice. Getting busted by your employer because of your online photos seems somehow invasive. But then, posting one’s self all over the world does seem blatantly obtuse. What are the limits of liability and feasibility for handling personal data and content? Is it proper to stalk people across the web, or does being “social” come with its pitfalls?

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Study Shows Companies Prohibit Social Networking on the Job

Workers who want to share the latest news with Facebook friends and Twitter followers will need to wait until after hours or risk violating company policy, a new survey suggests. More than half (54 percent) of chief information officers (CIOs) interviewed recently said their firms do not allow employees to visit social networking sites for any reason while at work.