NetBase’s Digital Channel Intelligence Offers Relevant Social Media Metrics

2012-10-31 by EPR Staff

Marketers should go beyond likes and shares or retweets/repins as main criteria in measuring social media ROI. In order to provide content that is indeed relevant to fans and followers, marketers need to have access to relevant metrics that offer comprehensive real-time insights on conversations about their brands and products across different social media networks. The newly launched Digital Channel Intelligence (DCI) solution from NetBase provides such valuable information in real time from several social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and others. The social media metrics offered include insights on community growth, amplification and conversion rates, but marketers... Read More >

Should You Pay to Play? Evaluating Facebook’s Latest Changes

2012-10-30 by EPR Staff

When Facebook first came onto the scene, it felt like a Wild West for companies looking to market themselves to a wide audience. Instead of the old method of creating a print, radio, or television ad, you could simply post your latest information to your site, where followers would discover it and proliferate its impact by sharing with their own network of friends. Unfortunately, everyone caught on pretty quickly, and that Wild West was tamed, developed, and suburbanized. These days, having 5,000 followers may be great, but that doesn't mean that they will all see and respond to every post... Read More >

Like-A-Hug Jacket Hugs You When You Get a Facebook Like

2012-10-04 by EPR Staff
Like a Hug Jacket

I'm sure everyone thinks that MIT researchers are worthy of appreciation and always work on  inventing new and useful things. Well, after an invention announced today I have to say that this will be only partly true, as these researchers just invented the Like-A-Hug Jacket that gives its owner a hug when they receive a Like on Facebook. The mechanism is rather simple. This wearable social media jacket has a device connected to the Facebook social network and when its owner receives a like it gets filled with air and offers a sensation of hugging. “Like-A-Hug is a wearable social... Read More >

Facebook Claims to Have Mind-Blowing Statistics for Advertisers

2012-10-01 by EPR Staff
facebook logo

The number one social network of the moment seems to have some aces down its sleeve that will convince advertisers to spend more and more on Facebook ad campaigns. As anyone probably knows, there are many debates around Facebook and the effectiveness of advertising on this network. There are also many studies, some arguing that advertising on this social network is a good thing for business, some pointing that it is not so effective in relation to sales. Other studies reveal that marketers feel that having a page and being present on this network is a must, but that advertising... Read More >

Facebook Gifts Launched in the USA

2012-09-28 by EPR Staff
facebook logo

What’s the point in seeing it’s a friend’s birthday or that they have a new job if you can’t send them a gift? That seems to be the train of thought that lead Facebook to roll out Facebook Gifts, integrated with birthday reminders. This new feature is available for the moment only for some US users, with no official information on whether it will be made available in other places in the future. Facebook users can send cookies, household goods, T-shirts and posters. They select the preferred gift, and the friend to receive it. At this point, the friend receives... Read More >

Haven Holidays Had Facebook Fans Pick Its Ice Cream Flavour

2012-09-11 by EPR Staff

Involving your community as much as possible and creating a strong connection with your fans is a desirable objective for any brand. Haven Holidays invited its Facebook fans to suggest what flavour it would have if it were an ice cream and then created that special flavour to be sold at their South Beach Café in Devon Cliffs. It was a good PR move for the company, as it turns out it was rather hard to pick a final flavour. Fans let their imagination run wild and proposed several flavours, from rhubarb and custard to cola with fizzy sherbet. Alison... Read More >

Conferize: Lots of Connecting Implications

2012-08-24 by EPR Staff
Conferize logo

When was the last time a client asked you to list or book a conference? If you are in the public relations realm chances are good that you need to know a lot about conference schedules, and maybe even the "who's who" of who is going to be there. This point of PR pain is where Conferize can really lend a helping hand. Conferize, which launched at DEMO, is something I have wanted to test for quite a while. The startup, aimed at solving for all things conference related, was founded by Danish entrepreneur Martin Ferro-Thomsen. The service makes it easy to track attendees... Read More >

A Case of Free Speech: Can “Likes” Be Protected by the US First Amendment?

2012-08-09 by EPR Staff
first amendment

[caption id="attachment_37201" align="alignleft" width="300"] Should Facebook "likes" be protected by the First Amendment? Is a web-based mouse-click free speech? What do you recon?[/caption] Did you ever consider that the simple act of liking something on Facebook can set up a storm? And yet, Daniel Ray Carter Jr. lost his job as a deputy of Sheriff B. J. Roberts of Hampton, because in 2009 he "liked" a page for a candidate who was challenging his boss: "Jim Adams for Hampton Sheriff." Aside Carter, Sheriff Roberts fired other five people who "liked" the same page or supported the opponent otherwise. The employees... Read More >

Facebook Brand Pages Are Responsible for Fans’ Comments

2012-08-06 by EPR Staff
facebook logo

Brands present on Facebook with dedicated fan pages are responsible for comments posted by users, watchdog claims. The social network is declared an advertising medium and not a way to establish a communication with customers. All started when the Advertising Standards Bureau issued a judgment in which it said comments made by ''fans'' of a vodka brand's Facebook page were ads. In these conditions, they have to comply with industry self-regulatory codes and consumer protection laws. John Swinson, partner at law firm King & Wood Mallesons, stated that this ruling "turned people's opinions into statements of facts". He also offered... Read More >

83 Million Accounts Doomed to Facebook Limbo

2012-08-03 by EPR Staff
facebook limbo down

Did you buy Facebook likes from third party websites? Then you are most likely to experience a drastic decrease in your Facebook fan-base in the near future. Facebook finally acknowledged that it has problems, after many complaints that the network was cluttered with fake accounts, a considerable number of which were used for spam. The move also follows recent complaints by marketers and social media experts, who were worried that their paid Facebook advertising campaigns were not as effective as projected. A concrete example was offered by Rory Cellan-Jones' fake bagel company - the VirtualBagel - which was advertised on... Read More >

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