In Apple’s Mind, The Enemy of My Enemy is a Friend

iOS 7 banner.

The World Wide Developers Conference kicked off this week and among the revelations from developers, one of the most curious came from Apple upon the unveiling of its new iOS 7. The upgrade for iOS on Apple’s mobile devices has received mostly impressive reviews and represents the biggest change to its mobile OS since its development. Despite all the positive reviews, there was considerable confusion over one move from Apple.

The Internet and the Death of Privacy


The internet has brought us access to more information than ever before in history, racking up a long list of positive additions to the daily human experience. Unfortunately though, access to information comes at a price; the web itself exists based only on the contributions of surfers, and you’re no different, especially with the rise […]

Learning Google+ for the Nonprofit

Google Plus

Just when you’d gotten used to Twitter and Facebook, a new kid arrives on the block. This time it’s Google+. Ignore it at your peril because there are new and varied audiences there that may be receptive to your nonprofit’s message.

The One Google SEO Video Everyone in PR Must Watch

google mobile algorithm

As has been said again and again, the most important media outlet in the world for Public Relations people these days is Google. After all, while positive media is vital – isn’t it even more vital that articles rank high as well? Along these lines, one wonders how many in the PR agency world are cognizant of the new Google Video (below) from Google Engineer Matt Cutts which reveals “What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?”

Sergey Brin Never Sent My Google Glass Test Kit!

The coming iHelmet

Did you get your Google Glass test unit yet? If not, then you’re simply not cool at all. At least this is the sense most of the online world must have seeing the likes of Robert Scoble or Pete Cashmore among the 8,000 “explorers,” people picked by Google to wear the first ones of these massively anticipated wearable smart toys. Okay, maybe more than toys.