Best Companies to do PR For

2015-04-21 by Jason Tannahill
best pr company

Reputation Institute, a private consulting firm, conducts online interviews annually, asking people for their thoughts about the nation’s largest (by annual revenue) 150 companies’ products and services, citizenship, workplace, financial performance, governance, innovation, and leadership. Each company gets a score from 0 to 100 according to the responses received, then they rank the companies. The top companies based on their CSR (corporate social responsibility) reputation come from the IT, media, entertainment, automotive, and consumer goods industries. In order of rank, the report released this month shows the top 10 companies are: Google, Microsoft, The Walt Disney Company, BMW, Apple, LEGO,... Read More >

Understanding Google’s Upcoming Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Changes

2015-03-30 by Richard D. Pace
google mobile algorithm

Come April 21, 2015, megalithic search engine Google will divide the HTTP world into the Haves and the Have Nots, into those that are mobile-friendly and those that are not. There is no spectrum of mobile-friendliness. In an effort to woo the 60 percent of its traffic that search by smartphone, tablet and "phablet," Google will either assign a website a gray mobile-friendly label in the SERP description, or it will not. Pages that fail the test will either not be returned or will straggle in at the bottom. The algorithm works by page-by-page, real-time analysis. It does not affect... Read More >

Google Algorithm and the Press Release: What does it mean for you?

2015-03-19 by Richard D. Pace
google press release

It always seems that when Google updates its search ranking algorithms, negative results ensue for those attempting to promote themselves through the world's largest search engine. That being said, it may come as refreshing news that the latest algorithm update actually works in favor of companies that are using search engine optimization as part of their overall marketing strategy. What Has Changed? Google's latest round of algorithm updates has been focused on allowing corporate news updates to rank alongside standard news websites. For a very long time, Google has strictly controlled news based search engine ranking, saving top positions for... Read More >

Ed Mullins SBA and NYPD Letter To Google’s CEO

2015-02-11 by Richard D. Pace

Sgt. Ed Mullins, President of the NYPD’s Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA), issued a letter to Google CEO Larry Page, expressing concerns over certain features of Google’s WAZE application, which allows users to find the location of police officers. Ed Mullins SBA Official Letter to the CEO of Google on the Waze APP from EverythingPR The WAZE app allows users to identify the locations of First Responders by using the app’s “Police Icon.” Sgt. Mullins believes this app may bring in new risks to police officers, and could be abused by those who plan to harm law enforcement officials.

Are Google updates the SEOs friend?

2014-10-10 by Richard D. Pace
The Truth on PR, Social Media, SEO & Email Marketing

When most of the SEOs I have spoken to think of a Google algorithm update it is about lost positions, angry clients and disavow files. “One minute you have a happy client who is showing up for all their converting terms and suddenly... BOOM”. Typically this will happen on a Friday at 4.30pm just before you are due to go to the pub, then have to spend the following days chatting to a guy called ‘Link Daemon’ who lives in Boston and just happens to know someone on G+ who inturn just happens to be dating the cousin or someone... Read More >

Facebook’s Ad Network: Why It Might Beat Google’s Ads Starting Next Week

2014-09-29 by Archie Obrien

For a very long time, Google's AdWords has been the main contender of online ads due to the sheer volume of search engine users that utilize Google, but now Facebook is set to release a new ad network next week. The most important change that the Facebook ad network promises to bring is an easier time for ad buyers when it comes to purchasing ad space. It promises to make it easier for marketers to understand how ads will appear, and what their effect will be on the users that see them.The other change that Facebook's new ad network will... Read More >

Facebook Leads in Social Media News Consumption

2013-11-15 by Almaz

A recent study by Pew Research Center in collaboration with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, revealed just how social media users consume news across several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, reddit, Tumblr, Myspace, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, among others. The results show that news consumption varies widely across these networks. [caption id="attachment_47115" align="aligncenter" width="750"] More than 30% Facebook users in the US turn to the social network to read news[/caption] According to the research, Facebook is the largest social networking site among U.S. adults, and the most popular when it comes to news consumption too.... Read More >

Mobile Search Showdown: Google vs. Bing

2013-10-19 by Archie Obrien
bing tablet search

First, Yahoo! revamped its logo, then Google, and Bing followed suite. Next, Google announced a new algorithm, called Hummingbird, making a big deal about redesigning its search engine for a better mobile experience. Both Hummingbird and the redesign are mere noise, from a company that struggles to keep relevant as Internet users are moving to smart devices. A company which, by all signals, is hemorrhaging cash - but this, in a future analysis. Hummingbird, which aims to be a "conversational engine" based on "intelligent" natural language search, fails lamentably to deliver on its promise. The mobile UI is still stuck... Read More >

Omnicom & Publicis – Should Google Be Afraid?

2013-07-29 by Richard D. Pace

The news that mega ad companies Omnicom and Publicis would merge shook up the communications world a bit yesterday, and the New York Times even hinted Google may be in some peril ad-wise. But can even the biggest ad company on Earth really compete with Google in the digital world? [caption id="attachment_44467" align="aligncenter" width="585"] Omnicom the vanity url[/caption] While the New York Times report attests to even huge companies now personalizing the "experience" of consumers, marginal digital engagement by these same entities says nothing about really being personal. In a coming age of ever more connected customers - we question the... Read More >

In Apple’s Mind, The Enemy of My Enemy is a Friend

2013-06-13 by Aaron Sarno
iOS 7 banner.

The World Wide Developers Conference kicked off this week and among the revelations from developers, one of the most curious came from Apple upon the unveiling of its new iOS 7. The upgrade for iOS on Apple’s mobile devices has received mostly impressive reviews and represents the biggest change to its mobile OS since its development. Despite all the positive reviews, there was considerable confusion over one move from Apple. [caption id="attachment_43357" align="aligncenter" width="585"] iOS 7 coming this Fall, likely with a new iPhone in tow.[/caption] When iOS 7 launches, its popular personal assistant SIRI will no longer conduct searches... Read More >

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