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Apple, Google, P&G Lead in Most Admired Companies Top

Apple, Google and Procter & Gamble lead in the top of the most admired companies worldwide, according to a survey by Fortune and the Hay Group. Four thousand brilliant minds of the business world analyzed the largest corporations world wide and came up with the top based on their business strategies, approach to new technology and environmental issues.

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Google Commercial Super Bowl Xoom iPad

Super Bowl 45 leaves us with some of the best moments in football history, many of which are commercials. One in particular, Motorola’s Xoom entry, is a subject of heavy discussion among the geek crowd. Can Google and Motorola capture Apple’s tablet market? There is a definitive “maybe” whispered about the water coolers today.

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Facebook Poised to Overtake Google

Would you be surprised if the headlines tomorrow read; “Facebook Supplants Google as the World’s Most Popular Search Engine?” Some people would obviously, but the idea is not really all that far fetched. Some 600 million people use Facebook to do everything but wash the dishes in the kitchen sink. Using it for search is a growing value that takes away from Google’s strength every time a user clicks search on Facebook.

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Google Music is Rumored to Be This Year’s Best Christmas Present

The much rumored about Google music service, already seen as tough competition for Apple’s iTunes, might be launch in time for this year’s winter holiday season. Google’s VP of engineering Andy Rubin has been discussing with record lables and pushing hard to have the new music service ready by Christmas.

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Google Opens Up The Buzz API

Google has opened up a bunch of new API’s for it’s social networking service Buzz this week. The most significant API released is a new real-time “firehose” feed that will allow all of the third-party developers to consume all of the real-time data from public Buzz messages. The firehose, which is powered by PubSubHubBub, opens up the door wide open for building comprehensive Buzz analytical and data mining tools.