Chrome OS: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

2011-06-14 by EPR Staff
Chrome OS

On June 15, Google will release its second operating system, Chrome OS. With the immense popularity of its first OS for smartphones, Android, some are expecting Google to make big waves in the sub-notebook market. It does have competition, however, from Microsoft and even its own Android OS, which some manufacturers have installed on netbooks. To compete, Google intends to create a major shift in the way people use computers, as its OS only has one program: the Web. Google's cloud services have matured over the years, and many people rely on them for email, productivity, and online publishing, replacing... Read More >

Apple, Google, P&G Lead in Most Admired Companies Top

2011-03-07 by EPR Staff
Apple Public Relations

Apple, Google and Procter & Gamble are the leaders of most admired companies top according the to a new report released by Fortune and the Hay Group. To come up with the list, first the business magazine and their partner assessed 1400 large corporations from around the globe and identified an initial pool of 673 firms from 57 different sectors. They then asked over 4000 senior executives and analysts to explore the companies on their list and choose the ten they respected and admired the most. Apple was the big winner of this thorough analysis and this is not the... Read More >

Google Commercial Super Bowl Xoom iPad

2011-02-07 by EPR Staff
Google Bird

Watching all things "Superbowlian" these last couple of days, one has to marvel at the enormity of data streaming out of Dallas' indomitable dome. The Packers obviously outdid the Steelers, but in the polling on who wins the commercial race - things become very nebulous indeed - and nowhere more-so than where Motorola's Xoom engaged (maybe even enraged) Steve Jobs' iPad. Was the Xoom compelling enough? Whether it is nobler to be a bit subtle and cool, or even if Motorola had been better advised to go "Lady Gaga" with their Xoom Super Bowl commercial, makes little difference actually. The... Read More >

Facebook Poised to Overtake Google

2011-01-18 by EPR Staff
facebook public relations

Would it be surprising to you if a trending headline on all major news outlets proclaimed, “Facebook has overtaken Google as the leading search engine!?” For some this seems far-fetched, especially when you use the search that is currently enabled within Facebook. But that’s not the search I’m talking about, since that search predominately looks mainly to what’s inside of Facebook. The search technology I’m referring to is web search. Web search is the foundation for Google’s dominance in search technology. But what if web search can readily be created and innovated on top of by Facebook in a way... Read More >

Steve Jobs vs. Google, the Never Ending Saga

2010-10-19 by EPR Staff
Steve Jobs Holds Iphone everything-pr

What better occasion for Jobs to poke on Google than touting Apple's success with its extraordinary $20 billion in revenues fourth quarter? It's amazing that the CEO of a company with a reputation of excellence in every field still feels the need to engage in a pointless back and forth with Google, a company with a different, and broader focus anyway. Steve Jobs was never renowned for diplomacy, and now less than ever. The Google incident is not singular. In recent reports, Apple's CEOs scored some headlines for offending Apple users and journalists via email, and more. But the pissing... Read More >

Google Music is Rumored to Be This Year’s Best Christmas Present

2010-09-07 by EPR Staff
google music public relations

It seems that the Christmas holidays are going to be great for consumers. Rumors are swirling that Google is in talks with music labels on plans for a download store and a digital song locker that would allow its mobile users (Android platform) to play songs wherever they are. Google's Andy Rubin, VP of engineering and the man who oversees Android development, has been in deep talks with record labels and hopes to have the service ready for a holiday-season launch. This would be a welcome present under the tree for consumers, seeing the search giant finally launch its new... Read More >

Google Opens Up The Buzz API

2010-07-25 by EPR Staff
google logo 1 everything-pr

Google has launched some significant new API's for it's social networking service Buzz this week. The most significant API released is a new real-time "firehose" feed that will allow all of the third-party developers to consume all of the real-time data from public Buzz messages. The firehose, which is powered by PubSubHubBub, opens up the door for building comprehensive Buzz analytical and data mining tools. There are several companies using the newly created feed to pull in data. One of the launch partners is real-time search engine OneRiot, which now includes public Google Buzz messages in its search results. Buzz... Read More >

Google News Creator Says Journalism Is Here to Stay

2010-06-16 by EPR Staff
google logo 1 everything-pr

With newspapers and print magazines dropping like flies and online sites being redefined, bought by other companies or just vanishing, one would incline to see a dark future for journalism as we know it. If there are no newspapers and people stop reading traditional media outlets, then we might be speaking of a product with no buyers. But is it really so? Did we just give up on journalistic products or do we simply need new channels or ways to assimilate them? While some say video killed the radio star, radios are doing just fine! Online or offline they still... Read More >

How Google TV is Poised to Change the Television Industry

2010-05-18 by EPR Staff
Google Tv everything-pr

There's been a somewhat unnecessary battle that's been going on between the Internet and mainstream media, and I never quite understood why. The ultimate solution would eventually take effect--the two seemingly separate industries would merge into one. There was no reason for the television to feel threatened by the TV screen, and there was no reason for broadcasters and content producers to feel threatened by YouTube. Because now we have Google TV. Well, we don't really have it yet, though some speculate that Google will reveal its revolutionary media platform sometime this week. And until then, there's no real way... Read More >

No Matter How You Sell it, Nexus One Webstore Was a Marketing Fiasco

2010-05-15 by EPR Staff
nexus one everything-pr

Google's Andy Rubin has good PR skills. This is the conclusion after reading between the lines of Google's announcement that Nexus One changes in availability. The point of the story is the Nexus One webstore was not as successful as Google expected. There are a few factors that contributed to this fiasco, among others the fact that the webstore couldn't be accessed from many countries in Europe and around the world. That's only because Google didn't have a strong strategy in place for this. It's easy to say: it was an experiment. But with an announcement that the webstore will... Read More >

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