Sustainable Marketing Results

2022-04-27 by EPR Staff
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According to studies, last year the big data analytics market was worth over $200 billion, and it's expected to grow to $500 billion by the end of the decade. Measuring, analyzing, and applying data to a company's marketing campaigns is what data analytics entails. However, the first step in data analytics is collecting data. After a company collects data it has to spend time analyzing and interpreting the information it has collected and applying those findings to its marketing efforts. This is the best way that companies can achieve sustainable marketing results from their campaigns. All data can be incorporated... Read More >

Increasing Conversion Rates With Landing Pages

2022-04-26 by EPR Staff
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When customers are looking to make a purchase, they tend to do a lot of research beforehand, to ensure that they are making the right purchasing decision. Customers are checking companies’ competitors and figuring out which purchasing decision will work best for them. That's why in order to improve their conversion rates, companies need to be mindful of how they create their landing pages, and what type of content they share on those landing pages. Research Companies should begin the research process by learning more about their target audiences. This will help them better understand what their customers are looking... Read More >

Tips on Mapping Content

2022-04-23 by EPR Staff
Topic Clusters They Can Boost Your SEO and Content Marketing

Developing, creating, publishing, and distributing content takes a lot of time, planning, and overall effort. This is especially true when companies aren't sure of which type of content to use to keep their target audience engaged. There are many different types of content that companies can develop and use, but first, they need to know how to start the process, which means mapping out their content. Theme When planning content, it's important that companies are consistent with the theme of their content. That's why it's a good idea to keep a few topics in mind when brainstorming new content ideas;... Read More >

Simple Local SEO Strategies

2022-04-23 by EPR Staff
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local search map pin ss 1920 All consumers want to connect with local businesses, and according to Google itself, searches that include the "near me" keywords have increased by 500% each year. Additionally, over 80% of customers have used Google to search for more information on local businesses in the last year. That means companies that are hoping to reach local customers need to ensure that those customers will be able to find that business in various digital spaces, including search engine results pages (SERPs). To do that, companies have to work hard to propel their content to the top... Read More >

Essential Skills for Marketers

2022-04-21 by EPR Staff
Five Low-Budget Marketing tactics

Marketing professionals that want to become more successful need to develop a strong set of skills, both soft and technical. These days, having the right set of skills and being creative isn't quite enough to stay competitive in the marketing industry. Additionally, with the constant evolution of various marketing tools in the industry, companies are always looking for people that can easily master technical skills that are essential for marketing. Those technical skills fall under the category of hard skills because they take time and resources to properly master. They're also helpful for identifying patterns that can improve marketing strategies.... Read More >

Using Quora to increase website traffic.

2022-04-16 by EPR Staff

Quora is a website that deals primarily with questions and answers. It has undergone tremendous growth since its early days and now has 190 million active users. As a platform, Quora can present good marketing opportunities to brands. As Quora provides answers to questions on a wide variety of topics, it is a popular choice among users who want advice from experts. There are no limits to topics, which range from parenting to gardening, life advice, and entrepreneurial skills. Because of the range of topics available on Quora, it has often been compared to Wikipedia. Given below are ways by... Read More >

Why Marketing is Important in Business

2022-04-14 by EPR Staff

The success of a business depends on many factors, and marketing is an important one. A business can gain an edge over its competition by focusing on its marketing. No matter how good its product is, a brand cannot succeed if the benefits of the product are not known to consumers. Marketing is a crucial part of running a  business for the following reasons: Increases Sales Marketing helps build product awareness. It can also introduce a product or service to new consumers. This helps boost the sales made by the business, which in turn boosts profits. The growth of a... Read More >

Most Important KPIs in ECommerce

2022-04-13 by EPR Staff
Mobile Shopping

There's no need for businesses in the e-commerce industry to track every single KPI available to them. However, it's important for companies to figure out which KPIs are relevant to their businesses, and to keep track of them. Sales Every e-commerce business should be tracking its overall sales on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. This metric can be tracked in two different ways. The first way is to monitor the number of product units that the business sells, which is sensible for smaller e-commerce businesses that sell a handful of products at a time. However, companies that have hundreds... Read More >

The Role of Marketing by a Company’s Board of Directors

2022-04-08 by EPR Staff
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A company's board of directors is a group of individuals elected by shareholders who serve as the top governing body of the business. While there are other committees and advisory boards, it is ultimately the members of this board who have oversight responsibilities for all aspects of managing the company. The role of marketing by a company's board of directors is to ensure that the management team is implementing a strategy that will enable the company to compete in its marketplace and then hold the management team accountable for its implementation. In order to fulfill these duties, board members must... Read More >

The role of Company-sponsored research in Investor Relations Strategy

2022-04-07 by EPR Staff
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Company-sponsored research (CSR) is the kind of research a company does when commissioned by an investment bank to write research reports on their stock, for instance. This is also known as paid-for or commissioned research. The aim of CSR is to raise awareness of the stock and build investor interest among existing and potential shareholders. Company research helps an investor decide whether or not to invest in a company's stock. Investors seek out information about a company's financial strength including sales, earnings, assets, and debt. They also examine a company's management team to see if it has good leadership, as... Read More >

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