NewsBasis, New Online Marketplace Connecting Journalists with Their Sources

2010-08-03 by Almaz
digital age

A new service providing a platform for journalists to better interact with their sources was launched yesterday. NewBasis focuses on providing the technology, tools and design for companies, PR agencies, non profits and independent consultants or academics to interact with journalists and provide them relevant information and feedback on the topics they are researching. NewsBasis was founded by Darryl Siry based on his experience working for both sides - he is a freelance writer for the Wired magazine and has also been a marketing representative for several companies. Competing with similar services such as Profnet which offered by PR Newswire... Read More >

PR Tip: The “Value Proposition Nugget” Principle in Public Relations

2010-07-30 by Aaron Sarno
value prop

Your job as a PR Professional is not to make a writer's job easier. That's a plus. It's a means to an end. But it is not a valid business objective. The classic approach to press or social media releases is to offer up an angle interesting enough or newsworthy enough for someone to pick-up your story. What the journals, blogs and news outlets use to judge that newsworthiness is, of course, the relevance your story has for their audience. The challenge then, is not simply to be able to get their interest, that is to say the interest of... Read More >

O’Dwyer’s Public Relations: Helps PRs Market Themselves With New Business Council

2010-07-09 by Almaz
Odwyer PR

This Thursday, O'Dwyer announced the launch of a new service called O'Dwyer PR's New Business Council, that will help PR firms market themselves to prospective clients. The council also will teach PRs how to cope with the many issues facing them in today's fast-changing environment. "We will help PR firms gain visibility through listings on our website and directory and will also provide the latest thinking on a host of topics including client/firm relationships and soaring health insurance costs, to name some of them," said publisher Jack O'Dwyer. There is a $300 USD membership fee, which guarantees access to a... Read More >

Amazon PR: Growing European Online Grocery Shopping

2010-07-08 by Aaron Sarno
Amazon Europe

Trying to prove to all European unbelievers that you can actually order anything on the Internet and have it delivered to you without actually going out of your house, Amazon is concentrating on online groceries store. After having effectively run an US grocery service ever since 2006 and recently launching a similar in Germany which probably was deemed a successful move, has just kicked off an online grocery store, aiming to take on established players such as Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose. To compete on the already tough market of the UK Internet grocery orders, the famous online retailer has... Read More >

7 Reasons Knowing Your Target Market Is Important

2010-07-06 by Almaz
Targeted Marketing

Here in the southern U.S. we have a saying, "Don't be a stranger." It means a number of things, but mostly it means don't lose touch. People say it when they want the other person to keep in touch with them, either in person or at the very least through phone or Internet. "Don't be a stranger" is also good advice when it comes to the target audience that you are trying to market a product too. It's important to stay in touch with your target market, keep up with what's going on in their lives, and understand their needs.... Read More >

Craig Newmark of Craigslist: Good Guys Don’t Always Finish Last

2010-07-01 by Richard D. Pace
Craig Newmark Craigslist

If you never heard of Craig Newmark, it is understandable, he is fairly low profile. But, if you haven't heard of his list? Well, anyone on the web knows about Craigslist. We had a unique opportunity to talk with Craig, not only unique I must say, but actually inspiring. Interviewing Internet celebrity is something I am intimately familiar with. But, actually learning something meaningful from them - well, that is rare. Before getting into our talk with Craig, somehow it seems important to envision the likelihood of a Jewish super geek from Morristown, New Jersey creating one of the most... Read More >

Malware City – Fighting the Villains of the Online World

2010-06-23 by Almaz
malware image everything-pr

When it comes to social media campaigns in general and business blogging in particular, coming up with something new becomes ever more tougher as the adoption of new channels increases. If a corporate blog, authored by a company CEO or dedicated to a product, use to be trendy and new a few years ago, not having a blog has become the exception in more recent times. Tones, angles, designs, they have all been tested and adapted to better suit the real purpose of all marketing and PR – sell more. And this sell more includes increasing a brand’s popularity, getting... Read More >

OpenTable for iPad – The PR Lesson for Travel Businesses

2010-06-15 by Archie Obrien
ipad everything-pr

While some travel sites still worry about doing business online the old fashioned way, OpenTable gives a lesson of forward thinking, business strategy, and ultimate, engrossing mobile engagement. It's a bold move, but the right one, for any modern travel business to look ahead, and adapt to technology innovations that shape the future of communications. What could be more powerful than instantaneous access to the things you want or need from anywhere? This is a short story: all you have to imagine is a trusted companion with the ability to find, give directions to, and secure your momentary culinary fancies.... Read More >

Vocus Launches New Social Media Monitoring Tool

2010-06-08 by Aaron Sarno
Vocus Social Media Monitoring

All PR professionals are aware that while social media is a great way to promote products and services, the time and effort invested into it are nothing without a proper strategy targeting the right channels and people and without a thorough analysis of impact and results. The importance of measuring online PR efforts and getting relevant data to further observe and to then plan future campaigns is recognized worldwide. But as there are millions of people online and active on social media sites, manually monitoring every channel and everything said in only a day, for example, might be a little... Read More >

Protecting Your Brand from the Privacy Backlash

2010-05-24 by Almaz
barrier everything-pr

Thanks to the volleying efforts of Facebook and Google to take over the world, we're in a bit of a privacy crisis right now. So how can you protect your brand? As consumers seek privacy, and brand recognition is becoming more associated with the proper use of consumer data, it's important to consider how you can organize your efforts around the changing perspectives. The cause and effect Facebook's rapid growth has enabled the company to roll out several changes to the core structure of its social network, making information more accessible to the public and more difficult for users to... Read More >

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