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EverySignal App Sends Daily Alerts with Friends Updates

Given the number of social networks available, the number of friends on each of them, and the fact that you have to also work, not spend all day on social media, it is sometimes hard to keep up with news from friends. Newly launched EverySignal is a newly launched app that sends you daily alerts about interesting things happening in your friends’ lives, thus enabling you to get rid of embarrassing moments and replicas like “But I posted on Facebook/Twitter”.

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Should You Pay to Play? Evaluating Facebook’s Latest Changes

Private Facebook users are given a ‘Promote’ button next to the ones for ‘Share’ and ‘Like,’ where they’re given the option to pay $7 to make sure that a post reaches a higher percentage of their friends by bumping it up in news feeds and making it stick around longer. What does this mean for business, and how can you take advantage of this new Facebook advertising channel?


How to Explain SEO to C-Suite Executives

Getting CEOs on board with search marketing can sometimes seem like an impossible task—but it doesn’t have to be. Although it’s true that most executives are used to looking at their brands in a...

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Marketing Considered One of the Least Valued Professions

Probably any marketer will tell you how important what they do is for a business. And people would agree as a new study shows. 94% of consumers and 98% of marketers consider marketing as essential to businesses, and nine out of ten people see marketing as paramount to driving sales. Yet only 13% of the people interviewed consider that marketing benefits society, and 53% of them think that generally marketing is “a bunch of B.S.”.

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Cone Communications Launches Corporate Social Return Approach

Corporate Social Responsibility has become important for many companies, sometimes driven by the desire of doing something good, other times just as a means of gaining awareness. The public relations and marketing agency Cone Communications launches a new approach to CSR called Corporate Social ReturnSM based on their belief that corporate social responsibility should deliver measureable business, brand and social impacts thus meeting stakeholders’ expectations.

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Pinterest Rolls Out Block and Report User Features

When using any social network (and not only, for that matter, in the online environment), you might want to block a user. On Pinterest, you didn’t have this option until now. But it was a heavily requested option, the third most popular feature request on the site (as mentioned here, and no longer on the official list as it already is a rolled out option). With the block option, the social network has also announced a ‘report user’ feature and more granular email settings.


Social Buzz Increases Chances for a TV Show to Become a Hit

Communication devices get smaller and more powerful with each version, allowing owners to perform more and more actions with just an few clicks. Smartphone users can now communicate, login to various social media networks, write emails, browse the internet, watch TV channels and more. TV networks should however keep in mind the results of the latest Red Bee Media survey which shows that if a TV program benefits from social media buzz, viewers are more likely to watch it.


Publishers Keep Ads ‘Viewability’ to Themselves

Ad buyers want to know their ads are indeed seen by target audiences. Publishers want and need advertising money and one could only think that in order to receive it, they would offer relevant statistics. Well, it looks like things aren’t as simple as that, as a new report that analyzed actual buys made across 425,000 sites and included display, video, mobile and social network ads shows.

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Infographic: Email Marketing Lives On and “How Come?”

We make no bones about telling our readers about products we find well worth the trouble, or even ones to stay away from, for the matter. For a few weeks I have been testing Vocus’ iContact services for an in depth review, and for a number of reasons. Today an infographic from iContact reveals just some of how come you and I should be interested in email marketing systems.