Next Generation Ning Social Network Creation Platform Released

2012-07-11 by EPR Staff

[caption id="attachment_36184" align="alignleft" width="285"] Ning opens new doors to revenue and involvement.[/caption] First based on the freemium model to lure social media users, Ning closed its free services in 2010, puzzling over 2.3 million users at the time. A good lesson for those who live under the impression that "free" lasts forever. The move, however, didn't kill the network. The old Ning sold to Glam, which now reports the release of the next generation Ning platform, with advanced new features, new social tools, out-of-the box mobile experience, built-in premium advertising and scalability for building very large and engaged social networks.... Read More >

HootSuite Supports More Social Apps than Ever

2012-07-10 by EPR Staff
Hootsuite maintenance

HootSuite has big plans for the future. Based on the belief that social networking and content sharing are now permanent fixtures in any solid online marketing strategy, the popular social media management system for brand management announced the addition of  Instagram, SlideShare and other popular social apps to its platform. The company also announced that other content social tools like Blogger and business content sharing applications such as Yammer will be added in the following months. Building on this growth momentum, HootSuite will partner with HubSpot on July 12/2012, to host the world’s largest webinar on the likely topic of inbound marketing and... Read More >

Geopon Retains Lynn Lewis PR to Promote Dynamic Coupon App

2012-07-10 by EPR Staff

The new Geopon app, which targets the growing mobile coupon market, will keep Lynn Lewis Public Relations on retainer. The continued partnership will be leveraged to launch its mobile platform that combines geo-targeted coupons and savings with electronic reward programs and payment processing. Lynn Lewis, Owner of Lynn Lewis Public Relations shares Geopon’s marketing strategy: "We will kick off our public relations campaign with a splashy media-only event for members of the press to test the application and explore the many features and benefits available for both the merchant and consumer. We will do a soft launch for the Android app,... Read More >

Calypso Communications to Enhance Derry Websites

2012-06-30 by EPR Staff

Calypso Communications will redesign websites for Derry Medical Center and Derry Imaging Center. Derry Medical Center, nearing 50 years of business, will leverage the new site to better communicate its mission and services, offering patients easy interaction through a patient portal. The site will also provide the center’s wellness programs for weight loss, nutritional care, and diabetes management. Sharon Delaney, Calypso's vice president of strategic marketing and client services, explains why Derry is an ideal client: "Derry Medical has a great story to tell. They're completely physician owned and truly invested in helping whole families stay healthy. We're thrilled to... Read More >

1,500 US Dollars for a Link in the Tablet Version of Better Homes and Gardens

2012-06-28 by EPR Staff

Tablets are indeed the latest trend of the moment – along with smartphones – and it seems that publishers are finding ways to monetize their editions available on these gadgets. To open up the way for ad revenues for tablet edition, a link in an article published by Better Homes and Gardens will cost 1,500 US dollars. The amount was mentioned by Meredith Corp., which publishes the magazines, mentioning the price reflects the production costs. I’m sure there is a profit in there somewhere as well – I mean, that’s a businesses’ purpose, to make money! "Most clients have been... Read More >

Facebook Is a Must for Marketers, but Not Necessarily through Ads

2012-06-27 by EPR Staff
facebook logo

All marketers agree that you need to be present on popular social network Facebook, but not necessarily to promote yourself using their ad system, as a new Ad Age study conducted in conjunction with Citigroup indicates. 658 subscribers responded to Ad Age's survey, all positioning themselves as decision-makers in social marketing strategy. In fact, there respondents were 34% marketers, 34% agency execs, 13% media execs, and the rest consisted of other professionals in the marketing field. Other important facts revealed by this survey are that there is quite a lot of confusion when it comes to how to calculate ROI... Read More >

Polar Star Consultants to Provide Marketing for VeruTEK

2012-06-25 by EPR Staff
Polar Star everything-pr

Texas-based Polar Star Consultants, LLC, specializing in engineering and marketing consulting, will provide oilfield marketing services to VeruTEK Technologies, Inc. VeruTEK creates high performing products for oil, gas and environmental industries to address oil production challenges including wellbore and near-field damage removal and advanced stimulation through jetting and fracturing. VeruTEK technologies improve oil recovery by mobilizing heavy oils, removing formation blockages and increasing secondary porosity, which promotes production increases averaging 20-50%. Polar Star Consultants also provides business strategy consultation, engineering and technical services, product and services marketing, brand management, and sales promotion for small and medium size oilfield, manufacturer, supply... Read More >

Survey Explains Ineffective Nonprofit PR

2012-06-20 by EPR Staff
PR money talks.

A recent survey of over 1,500 nonprofit leaders reveals that their organizations failed to engage donors and grantees. Respondents included organization members from program staff to board members, with the majority in marketing or fundraising roles; organizations of various sizes, causes and locations were represented. Nancy Schwartz, president of Nancy Schwartz & Company and blogger at Getting Attention explains that using descriptive and lengthy “messages generate a ‘so what, who cares’ rather than an ‘aha.’” Schwartz adds: “The way nonprofits talk about their work, results and ultimate impact is a core competency critical to every organization’s success. The bad news... Read More >

Content Creation Plays Key Role in Establishing Thought Leadership

2012-06-04 by EPR Staff
content marketing public relations

Content curation is one of the new trends in communications, as any marketing and communication expert will tell you, and it turns out that content is greatly perceived as an effective way of establishing thought leadership, as a new study shows. One of the biggest challenges is to actually provide interesting content in a world where there is too much information and where often we see articles with bombastic titles that turn out to be lacking great content. Content curation services provider Curata carried out a survey in March 2012 reaching out to more than 400 US marketers and agencies... Read More >

PR Resources: Business Wire Smart Marketing Page

2012-05-23 by EPR Staff
SMP everything-pr

[caption id="attachment_34766" align="alignleft" width="284"] Smart Marketing Page (SMP) leverages the best content to create an SEO-enhanced, interactive multimedia news and information experience for audiences.[/caption] More than ever, whether it’s news, products, or services, in the business world, packaging counts. Innovative web and multi-media marketing campaigns continue to up the ante on how engaging and dynamic the information companies share should be. Platforms like Business Wire’s Smart Marketing Page allow businesses to represent themselves through audio-visual and interactive media components. Dynamic engagement strategies provide consumers, reporters and target audiences what they really want; an experience and feel for your brand, not... Read More >

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