Rough Year Predicted for Radio and Print

2010-02-09 by Archie Obrien
Radio everything-pr

Sounds like all those predictions about print media dying off are starting to come true. A recent survey of over 1000 marketers, conducted by Econsultancy and ExactTarget shows that marketers are moving over to digital advertising where the marketing dollar goes a lot further. In fact, it’s predicted that 28% of marketers will be switching from print or radio to digital. That’s good news for online media, bad news for offline resources. “The research shows a healthy outlook for the digital marketing industry with the majority of responding companies increasing their budgets for most digital channels,” said Linus Gregoriadis, research... Read More >

Super Bowl Ads Sell Out, at What Cost?

2010-02-02 by Aaron Sarno
superbowl advertisement ronn torossian

Turns out, the Super Bowl might be okay after all. I'm not talking about the game. That will be entertaining, I'm sure. But the commercials are often the longer-lasting points of discussion when it comes to the biggest game night of the year, with all of America tuning in for the season-ending championship. With the current economy, the decreasing viewership of major broadcast television and the shifting of ad dollars into the social media marketplace, there was a good amount of concern over CBS's ability to maintain the advertising tradition. Today, however, CBS has announced that it did sell all... Read More >

Social Media Stealing Superbowl Ad Dollars

2010-01-26 by Aaron Sarno
superbowl advertisement ronn torossian

The Superbowl has attracted millions of football fans every year. In turn, the annual championship NFL game attracts millions of dollars per 30-second ad spot from brands across the nation. As one of the largest events with the most viewers at a given time, the Superbowl has become the epitome of television marketing. Then along came the Internet. It's taken some time for the advertising industry to adjust, but online marketing is beginning to change the game of Superbowl advertising. According to the Los Angeles Times, Fed-Ex and other big brands are opting out of the big-budget ad spots that... Read More >

GMC Granite Abandons TV Ads All Together

2010-01-19 by Aaron Sarno

General Motors is a car company, no doubt. And like many other major car companies, things could be better. Having taken advantage of the down-turned economy and government bail outs, car companies such as GMC have taken the past year to do a complete overhaul of the concepts surrounding their products, services and operations. For GMC's new Granite, that means a new method for viral marketing. Abandoning TV all together, GMC is hoping to target its 35 year-old and under demographic with bar code ads in brochures that are smart phone-ready. Reading the bar code with a smart phone camera,... Read More >

Create, Send, Track Email Campaigns with Swiftpage

2010-01-07 by Archie Obrien
swiftpage reports

Swiftpage is one of those "must have" or "must use" applications for professional communicators. In this age dominated by real-time communications, video conferencing, webinars, Twitter, Facebook and Google Wave, email marketing still has its place. This is what Swiftpage is all about: smart email marketing strategies. This is a company that carefully selects its customers, to ensure that it is never associated with spammy techniques. The service provided, a combination application and online platform, is richer than other email marketing solutions available, and the costs for communicators are kept as low as possible. Swiftpage offers a stand-alone online email service... Read More >

Virtual Currency Gets a Video Boost for Gamers

2010-01-06 by Aaron Sarno

gWallet, the virtual currency platform designed for social media integration, has teamed up with ten major brands to launch its new video offering. The idea behind the new videos are a multimedia experience tied in with social gaming and advertising, engaging players beyond basic offerings typically found in their casual games. As with several other virtual currency platforms, gWallet incorporates offerings from advertisers into a social, casual gaming experience to reward the gamers themselves. Between their participating in the offerings and other activity-oriented rewards programs, gamers can rack up points, currency credits and other game-related items to use for advancing.... Read More >

LinkedIn APP Bump: Who Else Will Do This Dance?

2009-12-30 by Richard D. Pace

A new feature from the LinkedIn iPhone app seemed a long time coming, but necessary nonetheless. Similar to the iPhone Bump application, bluetooth enabled mobile devices can now exchange contact information by holding their phones side by side. As Bump is one of the more popular apps on the iPhone platform, it's no surprise that the professional social network LinkedIn has added similar functionality to its existing iPhone app. LinkedIn's new Bump-like feature can connect two iPhone users on the network by bumping their phones against each other. The act aims to mimic business card exchange, just without the physical... Read More >

Virtual World Marketing: Good for Brands?

2009-12-21 by Richard D. Pace
mycoke marketing

Facebook apps are often created to go along with major movie releases, but Avatar is looking to take the cake with virtual worlds being created by Multiverse for McDonald's and Coca Cola. That's some serious brand advertising, with peripheral brands looking to leverage the popularity of an upcoming movie as well as a dominating social network for the purpose of engaging consumers. Multiverse has reportedly worked directly with James Cameron's Avatar team for the creation of a product that enables the company to create branded virtual worlds for their own purposes. Both McDonald's and Coca Cola have utilized the new... Read More >

Top 100 PR Websites and Resources

2009-12-11 by Richard D. Pace
facebook limbo

As we promised, we bring you today a list of the most important PR websites and resources of the year. Twitter, Google Wave, Bing, and Facebook will of course have important presences in this top, but we will also include the classic PR "go to" sites like PRWeb, social media sites, business and finance and so on. We base our selection on what we personally reviewed and tested, the resources we use every day to monitor the media, and also on what we use in our PR endeavors for our customers. Today we offer you the first 50 sites, best... Read More >

Social Media Becoming TV’s Marketing Haven

2009-12-09 by Richard D. Pace
Public Relations Social Media

The marketing promise of social networking is still part of a larger experiment, but many brands are ready, willing an able to invest in the underlying theories. Bravo TV and the Dallas Cowboys have both announced major social media initiatives to further their reach and brand affiliation across the web. Bravo TV is having a virtual viewing party for the season finale of Top Chef tonight, while the Dallas Cowboys have ramped up their social media presence with a new Facebook Fan Page, iPhone app and Twitter push, among other things. The Top Chef viewing party takes place tonight at... Read More >

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