Pitfalls to avoid in database marketing

2021-12-23 by EPR Staff
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Being aware of the pitfalls of database marketing means one can avoid some of them. Database marketing can be utilized to deliver personalized experiences and to increase the reach of a business. A recent report revealed that one in five businesses lose customers and revenue due to incomplete and inaccurate data. For successful marketing execution, accurate consumer data is essential. The pitfalls that marketers should overcome are enumerated below. 1) Failure to gather enough information - It is important to be sure about what the needs of a company are and to have a good idea about what those needs... Read More >

Smart Circle University: Face-to-Face Marketing 101

2021-12-22 by EPR Staff
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Welcome to Smart Circle University. Today’s focus is on face-to-face marketing, the most important piece of the success puzzle for this team of marketing and sales experts. At Smart Circle University, you will learn quickly that face-to-face sales and marketing initiatives sit at the epicenter of every campaign rolled by the marketing brokerage. In today’s University 101, we will focus on answering the following questions to give you a comprehensive understanding of face-to-face marketing hopefully and how/why Smart Circle uses this specific marketing technique to propel its clients to success: Who is Smart Circle?What is face-to-face marketing?What makes face-to-face marketing... Read More >

Tips on Creating Successful SMS Marketing Campaigns

2021-12-20 by EPR Staff

Companies looking to get the attention of their target audience require a lot of patience while choosing the right strategy for their approach. Many marketers understand that it’s a difficult task to be able to effectively cut through all the market noise and engage the audience through the right channels, at the right time, and with the right message to make a sale. One great way to get the attention of the target audience is through SMS marketing campaigns. According to research, the average response time for text messages is less than 2 minutes, and it’s a channel that customers... Read More >

FAQ Pages for Conversions

2021-12-20 by Ronn Torossian
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One of the important elements of a company’s website is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, which helps with a company’s customer conversion journey. Any consumer that opens up that page has already identified a need for whatever a company is selling, and has entered the consideration stage of the purchasing journey. The FAQ page can provide the consumers with information that’s required to finalize their purchasing decision. Unfortunately, many companies overlook the importance of the FAQ page, or simply add the page as an afterthought as opposed to creating a page that’s going to generate more conversions. A company’s... Read More >

Gender neutral marketing

2021-12-13 by EPR Staff
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With gender roles being in a state of flux, businesses should be inclusive about gender. Gender intelligence measures  people’s comprehension and inclusion of gender differences. The world is changing in order to design itself around the needs of both genders.   The worlds of marketing, product design, and customer experience should also strive to do the same. Traditional views on gender are also giving way to more inclusive ones  that allow for  individualized manifestations of gender that go beyond the binary model. Market research shows instances of women lamenting that they feel ignored by financial product services which do not meet... Read More >

Service design and product ideas

2021-12-10 by EPR Staff
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Service design and product ideas have a huge impact on how happy a customer or user is going to be. Hence, they also determine how successful a business is in the long term. With  information overloads prevalent these days, it is not easy to capture the attention of the audience. The audience is not too keen to be convinced. They want to be fascinated and swept off their feet. Things have to be done differently now. According to Smashing Magazine, ‘ Product design is the process of identifying a market opportunity, clearly defining the problem, developing a proper solution for... Read More >

Google Analytics Alternatives

2021-12-03 by EPR Staff
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There are plenty of ways that companies can analyze and measure their traffic to understand their website performance. While Google Analytics is the most common choice for many companies, it’s just one of the many other available tools that are helpful for understanding those numbers and getting to the bottom of what strategies are working. Matomo One of the tools that companies can use to analyze website data is Matomo, which is a free and downloadable program. This tool provides businesses with detailed information on the website visitors including the pages that they’ve visited, the languages they speak, keywords they... Read More >

Automating Marketing Tasks for Efficiency

2021-11-23 by EPR Staff
4 marketing tasks you should already be automating

Most marketers these days are very busy people, and although they might know which tasks they need to automate to free up some time, it still takes time to set up the automation process itself. Fortunately, that’s not always the case, and with the multitude of automation tools that are available to marketers these days, it’s easier than ever to streamline a workflow. Email Content Automation One of the most efficient segments of any marketing strategy that can benefit from automation is email marketing. One example of email automation is setting up automated emails that will deliver various content opt-ins... Read More >

Marketing for architecture firms

2021-11-17 by EPR Staff
how to market your architecture firm 5 best tips

With the process of advertising being revolutionized and reinvented, architecture firms are also using new strategies. With the help of online marketing, architecture firms can reach prospective clients. Digital channels provide cost effective solutions for client engagement and can be ideal for communicating what makes a firm stand out. For some time now, architects have relied on word-of-mouth.   The online world is becoming increasingly important for developing business. The ways by which architecture firms can stand out from competition and thrive are given below. 1) Content marketing - It is important to create a content marketing plan for websites and... Read More >

Achieving Success Through Digital PR

2021-11-11 by EPR Staff
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If companies don’t invest in digital PR campaigns, it is often the case that all of the time and effort that’s spent on improving SEO scores is not going to bring any positive results. Achieving success through digital PR starts at setting goals, and all of the strategies for each digital PR campaign should work hand in hand to deliver the company the desired results.   Setting clear goals when creating a digital PR strategy is essential to achieving success, and if a company isn’t able to achieve certain goals, but doesn’t always mean the goals should be changed. Plenty of... Read More >

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