MWW, APCO, Dukas Linden PR, Kwittken, and Crenshaw Communications

2016-07-08 by Richard D. Pace

Wendi Shapiro joins MWWPR as Sr. VP Western Region Consumer Practice Leader in Los Angeles Wendi Shapiro left her Sr. VP job with Murphy O’Brien PR to start as a Sr. VP at MWWPR. In the new position, she will oversee the consumer practice division for the Western region working out of their Los Angeles office. In addition to the consumer practice and communication strategies with clients including those in industries such as wine and spirits, restaurant, and travel, she’ll also be in charge of business development for potential consumer clients. While at Murphy O’Brien, Shapiro provided account management and... Read More >

AMP Agency Sues MWW PR Group for Unpaid Bills

2016-06-27 by Richard D. Pace
MWW Public Relations

Agency Facing Countless Lawsuits Alleging They Do Not Pay Vendors Everything-PR can exclusively report that a leading marketing agency, AMP Agency has sued MWWPR, one of the leading independent Public Relations firms in the United States for nearly $290K in unpaid bills in a lawsuit which has been filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York. AMP Agency Sues MWWPR for Unpaid Bills This lawsuit comes on the heels of our May 28 report where this site reported that Scholastic sued MWWPR for $699,377.01 plus legal damages for a series of unpaid bills related to work the... Read More >

MWWPR Sued by Scholastic for $700,000 in Unpaid Invoices

2016-05-28 by Richard D. Pace
mww public relations

Michael Kempner Owned Firm Urges Scholastic To Contact Samsung For Payment Directly In a lawsuit recently filed in United States District Court, Southern District of New York, Scholastic has filed a lawsuit against MWWPR seeking $699,377.01 plus legal damages for a series of unpaid bills.  The lawsuit claims that Scholastic provided educational materials for MWW Public Relations – which was used for their client Samsung – yet the PR firm refuses to pay past-due invoices. MWW PR Lawsuit: MWW Public Relations Group Sued by Scholastic from EverythingPR   The allegation claims that, “The Agreement between Scholastic and MWW Group (Editor’s note... Read More >

The Ins and Outs of PR Today

2016-05-13 by Archie Obrien
public relations news

Sard Verbinnen Negotiating to Sell 40% Ownership Sard Verbinnen & Company, a renowned PR firm founded in 1992 and specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and all things Wall Street is talking with Golden Gate Capital, a San Francisco-based private equity firm, to sell a 40 percent ownership stake for $60 million. The deal, however, is currently delayed after a number of employees resigned during the past week because of issues with the negotiations. These included 3 of the 27 directors of the firm. As currently understood, Golden Gate would value the PR firm at approximately $150 million and along with buying... Read More >

Political PR: Russia Has The Right To Tell Their Story on Iran Nuclear Deal

2016-05-07 by Almaz
russia today public relations

  In the aftermath of the admission from top Obama adviser Ben Rhodes that the administration essentially lied to the American public in creating an “echo chamber” of experts to sell the controversial Iran nuclear deal, the Kremlins propaganda arm, Russia Today is lashing out at European and American government funded media operations. We agree with Russia Today that the Russian government has the right to use modern day media methods to tell their side of the story. In today’s world controlling content is what smart countries, brands and people do.  In an op-ed published today, Russia Today notes “Eurocrats... Read More >

Shady Sex Scandal And MWW PR Is In The Center.. Yet Again

2016-04-17 by Richard D. Pace
MWW Public Relations

 MWWPR Lobbyist Exploited Relationship With Politician For Personal Gain If there is a Democrat in a sex scandal, expect MWW PR (a US and UK based advertising agency) to be there and on the shady and sleazy side. According to today’s New York Post, the firm that famously hired Anthony Weiner for the company’s Board of Advisors – then changed their mind in a move which was ridiculed by the media is at it once again.  Their lobbyist, Patricia Lynch was sleeping with indicted ex-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. As The NY Post reported: “….once-powerful lobbyist Patricia Lynch, was caught on tape... Read More >

News from Porter Novelli, MWW PR, Behrman Communications & More

2016-04-15 by Jason Tannahill
Matthew Lehrich

Matthew Lehrich returns to White House after stint with Porter Novelli President Obama appointed Matthew Lehrich as the assistant secretary for communications and outreach, the top communications position in the Department of Education. Lehrich returned to fill the post beginning in February. He and three other people were appointed to positions in the White House and President Obama recognized their service, saying, “These fine public servants bring a depth of experience and tremendous dedication to their important roles. I look forward to working with them.” Lehrich left his position as Vice President of global reputation management and crisis communications with... Read More >

Catching Up on Carnival PR, Hedge Fund PR & Rubenstein

2016-03-10 by Jason Tannahill
Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines added a new consumer PR director to their ranks. Robyn Fink previously worked in New York City at Taylor Strategy as one of the vice presidents. At Taylor, she was in charge of accounts for clients such as Lenovo NFL, KT Tape, Capital One, as well as overseeing P&G’s 2015 NFL draft prospects PR styling, Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos for Taco Bell, and launching Mastercard “Priceless” campaign in some cities. Other previous employers during her 15 years in consumer PR include Ketchum, Edelman, and MWW Group, and during that time, she worked with celebrity sponsorships, endorsements,... Read More >

America’s Top PR Firms Are Not Using Instagram!

2016-02-16 by Jason Tannahill
instagram social media

Edelman, New York City, New York.  with over 29,000 followers, the verified account has 408 posts at the last count. This is one PR firm that has taken advantage of the power that social media platforms have, and specifically, Instagram has, on digital marketing. Additionally, the firm has also decided to showcase some of the 5,300 employees who work for it worldwide and have shared plenty of valuable information about the company itself or its initiatives. Unfortunately, the engagement rate for all of those posts is still low compared to the number of people who follow the account, and the... Read More >

New York & New Jersey PR & Marketing Opportunities Available

2016-01-26 by Almaz
Troy Cultural Alliance

Two opportunities which Everything-PR readers may be interested in: The Troy Cultural Alliance (TCA), an association of Troy, New York’s cultural organizations, seeks a partner to design a marketing and communications plan to help promote Troy as a cultural destination. In early 2014 a group of Troy’s cultural organizations joined together to strategize ways to promote and brand Troy as the creative hub for New York State’s Capital Region.  These organizations work to “promote Troy as a cultural destination, enable collaboration, and share information, and provide an effective voice that can speak to business, political, and community leaders about the... Read More >

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