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MySpace Tries to Relaunch with Makeover and Justin Timberlake Promotion

Myspace Makeover

It was a really big thing! Back in the day, the MySpace network was heavily used by bands to promote their songs and concerts and by many people and brands. And then Facebook appeared and it was the new kid on the block rocking everyone’s world. Many dumped MySpace for new social networks. Well, guess what: MySpace tries to get back in the spotlight of the social media scene and announces its new format. Really.

Are We Stuck with Facebook Forever?

facebook public relations

Has Facebook won your heart? I mean, could you actually live without it? I don’t mean to say that there aren’t other great social networking options out there. But if you had to stop using Facebook, which of these alternative social networking sites would you use? While the changes made to Facebook’s privacy standards are […]