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Facebook, Bras and Colored Water

2010-01-08 by EPR Staff
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Facebook and brand marketing. It's becoming more and more evident that the two terms are becoming synonyms. This week we saw a couple of interesting marketing campaigns associated with Facebook's social network: one to raise awareness for breast cancer and another to advertise Vitamin Water's new flavor. The effort to virally raise awareness about breast cancer took place directly on Facebook, asking users to update their status with the color of their bra. The Vitamin Water promotion featured a new flavor called Connect. This new flavor is in fact named for Facebook's network, with the bottles featuring descriptions of commonly... Read More >

Is Email Still a Good Way to Communicate with Your PR Clients

2009-12-18 by EPR Staff
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How do you communicate with your PR clients? Do you communicate mostly by telephone? Do you reach them primarily through email? Or, are you like a growing number of businesses? Do you contact clients mainly through one of the new social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter? It has even been suggested that Google Wave is a replacement for email. The question of whether email is on its way out is significant for PR agencies, and indeed, for anyone who does business online. Not too long ago, a popular newspaper speculated that email was indeed on its way out. The... Read More >

Job Market Could Fuel Twitter App Growth

2009-12-14 by EPR Staff
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It may not be the biggest trend, but more and more companies are turning to Twitter in order to find new employees for hire. Asking them to tweet instead of submit a resume, the companies most likely to use Twitter for this purpose are those that are already tech savvy and are in need of a socially aware employee for online marketing positions. It's common knowledge that businesses can quickly do a Google search and find all sorts of information on a potential new hire based on the information they share across the social web. For a few years now,... Read More >

Can the iPhone Help Save eBay?

2009-11-25 by EPR Staff
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With the upcoming holidays, many retailers are realizing the potential behind smart phone applications such as those made for the iPhone. eBay is one such company, with aims to clear $500 million generated from its mobile presence alone. That's a great deal of money, especially from a mobile effort. Coming from eBay, the sentiment around the long-standing auction site has varied greatly over the past few years. Having made several investment mistakes, taken on more than it can chew and all-out attempting to dominate the market, eBay has taken several steps back in order to re-focus its strategy and look... Read More >

Paid Tweets — a Scary Marketing Tactic or a Brilliant PR Tool?

2009-10-30 by EPR Staff
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With Halloween literally right around the corner, let's look at some potentially scary marketing trends. Specifically, let's examine the new trend of paid tweets. Twitter has been around for several years now, and some have questioned Twitter's value as a business tool. Many see it as little more than a glorified chat room or yet another online distraction. Others see Twitter as a valuable online resource for developing genuine business relationships and sharing valuable or interesting information with like-minded individuals. (I happen to fall into this category.) A few see Twitter as an unexploited advertising platform - a sort of... Read More >

Kwittken & Company: PR Funny of the Day

2009-10-02 by EPR Staff
word of mouse

No one is immune to it, not even the best of the best. But we prefer to see things with a smile today. If "word of mouth" applies for traditional marketing, why should we call it the same online? Kwittken and Company's small error on the corporate site could actually pass for a creative license if we think about it... It cannot be "word of mouth" online, (unless we count video and podcasts). It has to be "word of mouse" - it certainly sounds better than "word of keyboard." So "word of mouse" could be a new term to describe... Read More >

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