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Restaurant PR – for Good Times and Bad

2016-07-06 by EPR Staff
Restaurant PR – for Good Times and Bad

We’ve said it before a thousand times. One of the biggest mistakes brands make when it comes to brand reputation and visibility is to wait until things go awry to request help from PR experts. In contrast, proactive brands in the market understand that good PR is a great way to get ahead of the competition and reach their target market. With restaurants being one of the most saturated business ventures with a high likelihood of failure, this is even more important. According to a study conducted by the Ohio State University, 60 percent of restaurants don’t last more than... Read More >

Covington Water District Needs A Digital Marketing Company

2016-06-19 by EPR Staff
Covington water district

[caption id="attachment_82083" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Image courtesy of Covington Water District[/caption] The Covington Water District, located a quarter mile from Lake Morton, WA is seeking a digital marketing agency. Over the years, a number of small districts merged into Covington Water District and more customers were added as development occurred. The District currently serves a population of approximately 50,000 through 17,337 water connections as of December 2015. The service area is approximately 55 square miles and is roughly bounded by SR-18 on the west and northwest, Maple Valley Highway on the northeast, Retreat Lake on the east, and the Green River... Read More >

University of Arizona Seeks Marketing Agency

2016-06-18 by EPR Staff
airzona university public relations

The University of Arizona Health Sciences Asthma and Airways Disease Research Center is looking for a marketing & advertising agency. From these vantage points, the UA Health Sciences reaches across the state of Arizona and the greater Southwest to provide cutting-edge health education, research, patient care and community outreach services. A major economic engine, the UA Health Sciences employs almost 5,000 people, has nearly 1,000 faculty members and garners more than $126 million in research grants and contracts annually. Services to include: Develop a brand platform for the NHLBI-funded Prevention of Pediatric Asthma network. Review the brand identity including naming,... Read More >

Transforming Corporate Newsrooms to Meet the Needs of Reporters

2016-05-26 by EPR Staff
Transforming Corporate Newsrooms to Accomodate Reporters

Corporate newsrooms play a crucial role in the dissemination of information. According to experts, organizations gain a media relations advantage by improving the newsroom experience. The ideal platform provides details on upcoming events, up-to-date press releases, images, and videos. Intuitive interfaces enhance the interaction. Journalists agree that corporate press pages with downloadable content promote the flow of information. This enables reporters to publish articles boosting the brand's image. The majority of journalists say they prefer company reports with stimulating content and editorial angles. They also need better search tools and links to corporate social media sites. This helps improve the... Read More >

Marketing And Branding Firm Sought For Boulder Institute of Microfinance

2016-05-21 by EPR Staff
Public Relations News

The Boulder Institute of Microfinance is seeking a marketing and branding firm – they are the paramount training institution working to contribute to the development of inclusive financial services for over two decades, Boulder Institute has trained over 5,000 professionals.  Boulder Institute is known for helping finance professionals understand the changes needed to effectively serve lower‐ income markets in their countries in a way that no other institution is able to develop. Boulder has a strong global brand that is tied to its MFT Programs. Boulder MFTs are unique in offering participants the option to select among 12 ‐ 40... Read More >

Public Relations: Bridging the Gap between Professionals and Academics

2016-05-12 by EPR Staff
Public Relations Bridging the Gap between Professionals and Academics

For many years, educators teamed students with businesses and professionals in order to bridge the gap between education and real life work experience. This took the form of volunteer work, internships, apprenticeships, research projects, and even medical residencies. In the past, this was reserved primarily for medical and technical fields, but now PR is receiving its moment in the academic spotlight. The Penn State Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication made a key decision to fund research projects in the field. The center awards grants to research projects aimed at giving public relations faculty and students the... Read More >

Preparing for Change in PR

2016-05-11 by EPR Staff
changes pr

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Yet, few people heed his advice. Employees and management alike often view drills and preparedness plans as a nuisance – just wasting time on situations that may never happen. So why bother if these events are so unlikely? What are odds of a small startup being sued for millions, or a mega-brand needing to issue recalls after all the safety checks during the production process? The odds may be small. But, the cost to the brand’s image (and bank account) is not as correspondingly small when disaster... Read More >

The Descent of Public Relations Alongside Journalism

2016-04-20 by EPR Staff
PR Journalism

For the past ten years, journalism has been steadily declining; in 2015 the American Society of News Editors annual census release reported a loss of 3,800 journalism jobs in just one year.  In this New Media Age, less of our news comes from journalists and more of it is coming from public relations. According to Robert McChesney’s  "The Death and Life of American Journalism," as the numbers of journalists decline, the number of public relations people seem to multiple at a much faster rate. Despite this, however, the decline of journalism actually has a correlating effect on public relations. Public... Read More >

The Changes Free Media Brings to PR

2016-04-15 by EPR Staff
Media Journalism

The dawn of the Internet likely signaled the beginning of dusk for traditional journalism. More and more, readers began to turn to the Internet for not just entertainment, but knowledge, and then news, and now just about everything. In fact, according to a study done by the American Press Institute, 69 percent of Americans get their news from online sources. Most of these sources would rather not hire someone to research and write a story from scratch, no matter how interesting the subject. They prefer to publish an already well-crafted piece, without paying a dime for it. But how does... Read More >

Will More Traditional PR Take Back Its Place From SEO Marketing?

2016-04-11 by EPR Staff
SEO Tools

For a time, it looked like traditional news garnering might be breathing it’s last, conceding victory to SEO. But recently PR is finding its place again and figuring out how to move forward. Here are some of the ways PR can gain ground again. More with less For the 70 percent of American companies that fall in the small to mid-size range, one tactic showing results is to not make big and splashy attempts at garnering news and social media coverage, but instead to have a steady flow of smaller announcements and stories. But the more important side is getting... Read More >

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