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How to Find the Right Blogs to Promote Your Products

2014-01-09 by EPR Staff
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Interested in collaborating with bloggers but unsure where to start? You’re not alone. An increasing number of business owners are recognizing the value of tapping into blogger audiences: According to one Sydney Morning Herald article, sending free products to about 40 bloggers helped entrepreneur Tram Tran increase revenue by 50 percent each month. Over at Mashable is the story of a UK satchel company that “aggressively worked with fashion bloggers and prominent fashionistas, sponsoring giveaways and gifting satchels, which yielded organic buzz.” And of course there are the cold, hard statistics from Technorati Media's Digital Influence Report, which say that... Read More >

M-Commerce Out Pacing Traditional E-Commerce [infographic]

2013-11-26 by EPR Staff
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An infographic from Baynote today tells more on the growth of mobile commerce for retailers and consumers alike. Fast becoming one of the most valuable channels for marketers, mobile is growing at an almost exponential rate. As you can see in the graphic, already 10% of all the money spent in the E-Commerce realm comes from either smartphones or tablets. Accordingly, traditional digital commerce is being outpaced by mobile by a factor of 2x.

10 Awesome Selfies by Brilliant PRs and Communicators

2013-11-20 by EPR Staff
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It’s official: the word “selfie” was declared by the Oxford Dictionary the word of the year. After being introduced officially in the dictionary this year, “selfie” managed to become 2013’s word, beating “twerk” in the final race. This is no surprise, but a recognition of the fast changing online environment, and its various implication on language. “Selfie” went beyond a social media niche term to a widely used word, adopted by many people across the globe. Moreover, selfies are used in various ways by people in different industries. A lot of usage is just about having fun, about seizing the... Read More >

Facebook and PointRoll Partner to Bring Rich Media Ads to Mobile

2013-08-23 by EPR Staff

PointRoll and Facebook are already partners for desktop solutions, and now they take this partnership a step further, to bring rich media ads to mobile. Facebook has strong reasons to enhance its mobile ads, as mobile revenue accounted for 41 percent of Facebook’s ad revenue in the second quarter. Richer ads offer creative possibilities for advertisers to reach their customers on the go, without disrupting user experience on Facebook: "This user-centric, native ad format creates an experience as interactive as Facebook itself, creating value for brands without disrupting the user experience," explained PointRoll CEO Mario Diez. The first ad format... Read More >

Heineken, Unilever, McDonald’s, Others – Unveil New Ad Marketing Mojo

2013-08-15 by EPR Staff

Heavy ad hitters Heineken, Unilever, McDonald's and others including; Bacardi, Ford, Kellogg's, Lego, BT, and easyJet make up an impressive list of the 30 top brands set to unveil their latest digital agendas at ad:tech London on 11-12 September. According to a release this morning, some standout sessions slated include; Unilever SVP Global Media Luis Di Como’s FMCG forecast along with Heineken Global Head of Digital Paul Smailes telling on his company’s Ignite interactive technology project. Lego is scheduled to spill the beans on their latest social media moves, while others among the top brands will talk about the evolving... Read More >

How Brands Are Using Instagram: Advice from Die-hard Users

2013-06-13 by EPR Staff
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If in 2012 Instagram was used by 54% of the top Interbrand 100 companies, this year the numbers increased considerably, as Instagram grew in popularity among businesses. A recent study by Simple Measured shows that Instagram attracted 67 percent of the top brands in the world, despite being acquired by Facebook, and also despite several copyright and privacy issues that attracted public and media criticism in the past. [caption id="attachment_43362" align="aligncenter" width="585"] Top 10 brands on Instagram, Simply Measured stats from March 2013.[/caption] But aside the "top dogs", Instagram is used by many small businesses, and used well. Most brands... Read More >

Local Marketing through Local Blogging

2013-06-04 by EPR Staff

The internet has been a goldmine for connecting with national and international affiliates, customers and resources. Businesses, especially small ones, have really benefited from this fact, and building quality links has never been easier thanks to social media. It is just a standard of marketing these days, and simple enough to accomplish. But that doesn't include local marketing for local-based blogs. This is a process that most find a bit more daunting, and certainly more difficult. However, it is really not much different than targeting a demographic based on other factors, like gender, age or socioeconomic status. You just need... Read More >

Technology to Keep Prospects and Boost Returns

2013-04-15 by EPR Staff

In the past, a sales prospect might have received an intriguing offer on a postcard, gone online to get the details, and maybe even added an item to the site's shopping cart, but then moved on somewhere else without finalizing the purchase. Never visiting that business' website again, that prospect was most likely gone forever. But now, with technology like retargeting and remarketing, a business has the capability to stay in touch with that prospect online, dramatically increasing its chances of closing the sale. Retargeting/Remarketing: Are They the Same Thing? Yes and no. Retargeting is a general marketing technique in... Read More >

How Online Search Is Becoming More Like Offline Search

2013-04-11 by EPR Staff

Before the days of the internet, we learned about businesses, products and services from newspapers, magazines, television and radio. We associated a business name with what it offered. We didn't type in a keyword and come up with a name. If you pay attention to what’s happening in the search world now, Google is moving away from favoring websites that vehemently pursue rankings through anchor text and towards the websites that establish their brands. This is evidenced in the decrease in backlinking strategies that are effective and the increase in rankings of big brand names. You can see this in the move towards more... Read More >

Scribe Partners with Marketo, Provides Better Access to Business-Critical Data

2013-03-14 by EPR Staff

Scribe Software partnered with Marketo and now offer customers access to business-critical data by fully integrating marketing campaign data with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Scribe was founded in 1995 and provides cloud and on-premise CRM data integration to its customers, while Marketo was founded in 2007 and offers a cloud-based marketing software platform that addresses both small companies and global enterprises. "We are excited to partner with Scribe because of its deep understanding of the need to manage and integrate data across the many channels that make up today's complex marketing and sales environment. Our partnership with Scribe extends Marketo's native... Read More >

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