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BI SaaS Provider Domo Gets $60 Million Series B Funding

2013-03-11 by EPR Staff

Business Intelligence software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider Domo, a venutre launched by Omniture co-founder Josh James, has recently closed a Series B financing round, raising $60 million. To date, the total funds invested in Domo account for more than $125 million. In its early stages, Domo is already a successful business. Last week, the company announced signing up over 100 paying enterprise customers after selling for only six months. Domo is used by all kinds of enterprise customers, ranging from media and marketing, to retail, travel and leisure, technology, financial services and more. Today, the company announced it has raised $60 million... Read More >

Desert PR: Website Overlooks Important Details

2013-02-27 by EPR Staff

Boutique public relations agency Desert PR has just announced the launch of its new website, which they say features added functionality and "a sleek new look". While the new website is easy to browse and does not look bad (although yours truly believes they mixed a minimal approach with a bit too much color drawing attention in different directions on the homepage), it seems Desert PR was a bit hasty and it forgot some important details. The company website which highlights companies' need to be social to win currently links to the social media profiles of All social buttons, Facebook, Google+... Read More >

Campaigner Elements Brings Big Data to Email Campaigns

2013-02-26 by EPR Staff

j2 Global (NASDAQ:JCOM) today released Campaigner Elements, a new and improved API for its Campaigner Email Marketing. One of the most interesting features of the new API is that it allows marketers to and analyze big data revealing subscriber behavior. Call it "email intelligence" if you will - a feature that eventually helps marketers drive more business from their email marketing campaigns. "Campaigner Elements API allows users the flexibility to share their data between applications and take advantage of 'big data' analysis, to run more effective campaigns and increase their retention and revenue," explained Rick Faulk, GM Cloud Services for... Read More >

Marissa Mayer’s New Yahoo! & Food for Thought on Goofacehoo!

2013-02-20 by EPR Staff

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has one up on all past Yahoo! CEOs with the announcements of the last couple weeks. She unveiled a brand spanking new Yahoo! landing via NBC's Today Show, and anyone taking a look at Yahoo! now should be delighted. This, along with Mayer basically adopting the successes of Google Ads in a deal announced earlier this month, certainly paints Mayer as pro-profit and progress. Then there is a PR hiccup to be considered too... [caption id="attachment_40978" align="aligncenter" width="585"] The new Yahoo![/caption] The cleaner, and more user friendly look of Yahoo! really should be the big news. An old time... Read More >

4 LinkedIn SEO Tricks to Help Your Profile Rank

2013-02-18 by EPR Staff

LinkedIn is more than just a social networking site; it is also a powerful marketing tool for any organization. This is why it is important to optimize your profile for the search engines. Your LinkedIn profile provides one way for customers to find you on the web. On the flip side, if you’re using LinkedIn to get a job, an optimized profile will make it easy for prospective employers to find you. Here are 4 tips to increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile. Take Your Profile Public This tip is so simple, yet so many LinkedIn users fail to... Read More >

Internet Radio, the Next Big Think in Online Advertising?

2013-02-06 by EPR Staff

Internet radio might not be the most impressive in terms of audience, but this particular digital medium is catching the eye of marketers. According to a recent eMarketer report, internet radio is bound to gain more ground in the next years and also attract more advertising dollars as marketers discover its particular appeal. Newly released report “Internet Radio: Marketers Move In” shows that users are tuning in to internet radio stations more and more and from a varied range of devices - PCs, smartphones and tablets, automobiles, connected-home appliances and other gadgets. Monetized primarily by advertising, a less popular digital... Read More >

Facebook’s Graph Search: How It Impacts Your Privacy

2013-01-17 by EPR Staff

There’s a lot of buzz in the search world at the moment, following Facebook’s announcement that it may or may not be squaring up to Google with its new Graph Search feature, but this tussle (if it happens) is unlikely to concern consumers too much. What may bother them however, is how Facebook’s new search feature impacts on their privacy, and what, if anything, they can do about it. Like It Or Not, Facebook’s Counting You In One of the first issues that need addressing is whether or not it’s possible to ‘opt out’ of the new Graph Search feature.... Read More >

The 10 Most Effective Tips on Building Your E-mail List

2013-01-17 by EPR Staff
email logo

The advent of the Internet as conduit of data has paved the way for a faster and faster means of garnering information. Even the business world has adapted to this technological evolution, so much so that e-mails have become a staple requisite in conducting daily activities, be it in internal communicating, marketing or finalizing deals. Regardless of your industry, current and potential clients are now connected online. They fire up search engines to look for products and services that would meet their needs. As such, having a strong e-mail list on your website proves to be an all-important factor in... Read More >

WebMediaBrands Launches an Online Master Certificate in Social Media Marketing

2013-01-10 by EPR Staff

The online learning division of Mediabistro, WebMediaBrands, announced today the launch of a Master Certificate in Social Media Marketing. This online program aims to help digital marketers earn credentials through this educational program. Each participant in the Online Master Certificate in Social Media Marketing will complete a series of 12 instructor-led online courses on various topics such as Web Analytics or Facebook Marketing. In 18 months or less, participants earn a professional certificate. During this period students will work with top-level professionals in marketing and advertising in order to create a multi-platform strategy and complete projects they can use in... Read More >

USA TODAY Is Mobile Publisher of the Year

2013-01-07 by EPR Staff

The multi-platform news and information company USA TODAY was named by Mobile Marketer as Mobile Publisher of the Year. This is an acknowledgement of the company’s ongoing investment in the digital and mobile space and its content and media strategy. The Mobile Marketer Awards are granted yearly to companies with important results in this field and outstanding work in the mobile environment. Mobile Marketer remarked that USA TODAY took its readers under consideration, but that the company also offered more advertising options to brands. Also, in 2012 USA TODAY relaunched all of its products and re-imagined them offering increased use... Read More >

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