Rubenstein Public Relations: $38K to Politicians

2015-07-29 by EPR Staff
Rubenstein Public Relations

When we look at the changing environments of PR, we find large sums of resources, manpower, and money going into various industries. These industries then receive an array of messages regarding the publicity of day to day events or prominent issues. One such industry or sector is politics. Senators Kirsten E. Gillibrand and Edward J. Markey each received campaign contributions in excess of $100,000 for the year of 2014 from the PR industry. Collected data shows huge financial commitment from eclectic investors flooding the political scene with agendas. The heavy hitting lobbyists involved knew exactly how to close a deal... Read More >

The Rise of Social Capital and how it Impacts Your Commercial Value

2015-07-17 by EPR Staff
andre walters yuno

What do Rihanna, Jay-Z, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and Beyoncé have in common with Shawn Megira (@shawn_megira on Instagram) and YOU or I (@INSERTYOURNAMEHERE)? When we speak, people listen.  Stated another way, all of us have what is often referred to as “social capital.”  Robert Putnam and the Harvard Kennedy School’s “The Saguaro Seminar” have defined social capital as “the collective value of all social networks (or who people know) and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other.”  To illustrate the power of social capital, let’s look at some statistics.  According to a recent study, 58%... Read More >

Tricuro Hired By Honduras Company Accused of Murder

2015-04-20 by EPR Staff

David Sowells, Former Head of Bell Pottinger Tapped For $16K A Month By Corporación Dinant Everything PR News research reveals that David Sowells, former Managing Director of Bell Pottinger has been hired by the very controversial company Corporación Dinant, a Honduras based company who has been accused of murder as well as very serious human rights violations. According to documents filed with the United States Department of Justice, Sowells’ firm, Tricuro LLC will be paid $16k a month for a 1 year engagement of public relations. Read the full filing here. According to Oxfam documents, “internal investigation has revealed that... Read More >

Vladimir Putin Versus Benjamin Netanyahu: The Body Language of Mistrust

2013-11-21 by EPR Staff
Putin and Netanyahu

Yesterday Russia's Vladimir Putin and Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow. The topic of discussion was largely bilateral relations between the two countries, a common bond of past Nazi aggression, somehow seemingly the only common thread between great nations. [caption id="attachment_47270" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Notice how Putin takes up space, and how Netanyahu is leaning in, but with leg crossed.[/caption] I was reading this morning the dialogue in between Putin and Netanyahu, and looking at the images supplied by President Putin's press office. Knowing it's no secret Russia-Israel-America futures seem somehow turned back decades to a time when Egypt and the whole Middle... Read More >

Lady Ashton Spends a Fortune on PR

2011-03-05 by EPR Staff
Lady Ashton

Lady Ashton has mixed priorities - to put it kindly. Recently, the UK diplomat decided to spend no less than £8.5 million for less orthodox PR activities meant to promote her new EU diplomatic service. The money, is not designated for media outreach, or advertising, as you'd expect, but for propaganda videos, and... for entertaining VIP visits, lunches or dinners, with "three courses with waiter service and wine", and receptions with "champagne and top-of-the-range appetizers" - The Telegraph reported. Nothing unusual, except that the propaganda aims "to illustrate to the general public the increasing importance of the role of the... Read More >

British Muslims Use Public Relations to Mend Shattered Image

2010-12-21 by EPR Staff
British Muslims, London, UK

The past decade has brought tremendous changes in how the Muslim Community is perceived in Britain. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in New York and 7/7 in London, adepts of the second largest faith in the world have been associated by British citizens with killings, aggression and terrorist activity. The dire image of the British Muslim community has been revealed by a YouGov poll conducted at the end of May 2010 commissioned by a relatively new foundation, the Exploring Islam Foundation (EIF), founded by a group of young British Muslim professionals deeply concerned about the public perception of their... Read More >

Kenya Hires Gina Din Corporation to Boost Police Public Perception

2010-10-01 by EPR Staff
Nairobi, Kenya everything-pr

From all the state institutions in desperate need of PR, the police is probable the most critical. Kenya sees things clearly, and the country has already hired a PR agency, Gina Din Corporation, to help boost the public image of the local police. Internal Security Minister George Saitoti said the company will be paid Sh6.42 million yearly for the work, The Standard reported. According to the same publication, the agency will also communicate with the public the progress on the ongoing reforms and mobilize community participation in police reforms. The hiring of a PR company is one of the many... Read More >

NAACP PR: Genuinely concerned or following political agenda?

2010-07-15 by EPR Staff

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or NAACP, viewed by some as the US’ leading civil rights group has recently issued a statement at its annual convention in Kansas City, Mo. which attempts to discredit another well-known American movement, The Tea Party. Based and never-proven accusations and displaying a blatant lack of evidence, the NAACP accused the Tea Party of racism, bigotry, homophobia and more. "We take no issue with the Tea Party movement. We believe in freedom of assembly and people raising their voices in a democracy," the NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous said in a... Read More >

Euro Decline Can’t Overshadow Value, Focus Trier Germany

2010-05-26 by EPR Staff
Europe Debt Crisis

In news from Reuters this morning, the euro took another hit over fears Europe's debt crisis may further harm banks. Southern Europe, it turns out, may not be the only part of the EU with red ink problems. With equities seemingly growing more unstable, many banks and investors are turning to safe valued propositions. On the local front here in Trier, Germany, growth in new and old sectors seems inevitable. German banks, as much as any other EU financial sector, have been hurt by the situation on Wall Street. Now, the crisis with Greece, Portugal, Spain, Romania, and other EU... Read More >

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